Manifest (S01E02) “Reentry”

This review contains some major spoilers for the second episode of Manifest entitled Reentry (as well as some for the premiere).

The Mystery Deepens


Manifest doubled down on the mystery Monday night as it showed that is it not afraid to get its hands dirty when it comes to taking out their supporting characters. It seems as each question is even partially answered, two more pop up to take its place. While the government tries to not only figure out what happened to Flight 828 when it disappeared but why twenty of its passengers were at the airport when the plane mysteriously exploded. After another round of questioning, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) pulled the “cop card” to get the officials to let them go on the condition that they didn’t speak to anyone about what was going on. Something that one passenger didn’t heed, with deadly consequences.

Head Games

This week’s mind games are brought to us by Ben (Josh Dallas) and fellow 828 passenger Radd (guest star, Curtiss Cook) who asked Ben for help in freeing his son, Adio (guest star, Curtiss Cook, Jr.) who was incarcerated for a crime his father knew that he didn’t commit. At first, Ben wasn’t interested in helping the distraught fellow passenger, wanting instead to try and keep himself out of the “weirdness” that was surrounding what was going on with himself and the others from Flight 828. However, just like in the pilot, the voices (or in this case, a melody) wouldn’t allow him to ignore the man in need.

NUP 183753 0204 300x200 - Manifest (S01E02) "Reentry"
Curtiss Cook as Radd

Fit for Duty


Meanwhile, Michaela worked towards getting her job back at the police department, being told that she would have to go and see a therapist for a psych evaluation. All while trying to wrap her head around that for her, she had been hours away from accepting Jared’s (J.R. Ramirez) marriage proposal but now it had been over five years and he was married to her best friend Lourdes (guest star, Victoria Cartagena). In the end, after seeing how much Lourdes had also missed her when she was gone, she realized that for as much as she still loved Jared, she also still loved Lourdes too and she tried to make the right steps towards moving forward.

NUP 183692 0092 300x200 - Manifest (S01E02) "Reentry"
Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone

Getting to Re-know You

NUP 183753 0253 300x200 - Manifest (S01E02) "Reentry"
Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone and Jack Messina as Cal Stone

While Ben and Grace (Athena Karkanis) work to get reacquainted not only each other but their children, Olive (Luna Blaise) has words with her mother over continuing to keep quiet about the mystery person in her life. Then Cal (Jack Messina) is upset with the fact that his mother (seemingly) got rid of all his things. However, Olive confided to her dad that not only did she know where Cal’s old stuff was, but she always knew that Cal was alive, chalking it up their connection as twins. Ben was also able to piece together that the owner of the storage unit (where Olive had stashed Cal’s old things) had something to do with the secret that his wife was keeping from him. He, however, goes home and shows her that he doesn’t fault her for needing someone in his absence, but wants Grace to know that he was back for her.

NUP 183753 0350 300x200 - Manifest (S01E02) "Reentry"
Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Luna Blaise as Olive Stone

Finally, just like last week, Manifest saved the best twist for last. The one passenger (Kelly, guest star Julienne Hanzelka Kim) that not only didn’t adhere to the media blackout that the government had asked of them but shouted her story out for anyone to hear found herself the victim of an assassin’s bullet. However, this wasn’t your everyday assassin, he (or she) was comprised of only shadows, leaving not only a woman dead but possibly no trace of her killer.

Questions for this week:

Who is the “shadow person”?

What do they have anything to do with Flight 828?

Are they part of the government? Or are they even one of the other passengers?

What is the extent of Cal’s gifts? (Who was shown drawing the shadow person, with his family.)

Who is Grace’s mystery person and are they connected to everything as well?

Is there more to the person who stopped Grace and Cal on the street, proclaiming: “He has risen.” ?