Superstore (S04E01) “Back to School” Season Premiere

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After a shocking moment in last season’s finale,  Amy wants to answer everyone’s questions once and for all.

As the store opens for “Back to School” sales, Amy and Jonah deal with the fact that they had sex in front of the world. But what Amy was looking forward from her co-workers really didn’t quite go the way she had hoped for and she finally tells them that she enjoys having sex. But there was a miscommunication with a younger co-worker and it turned into a harassment seminar.

With everyone in the break-room, except for Kelly and a few others, the discussion came down to talking about sex. Amy took the floor and answers everyone’s questions, expect for one: Is Amy and Jonah together?

As the meeting was done, Mateo and the group sees Jeff bring his surprise: an AI Myrtle. Hoping to win back Mateo and everyone else, it didn’t go so well. And I would agree too, I think we would want to real Myrtle back as well.

But as everyone heads home, Jonah ask Amy a question: Italian or Mexican. Since they had Italian the other night, she went with Mexican and kissed. They are together.

“Back to School” was another hilarious episode that really kept me guessing on whether or not that Amy and Jonah are a couple. From hilarious moments of watching kids eat crayons or sniff markers Kelly trying to take control of the store with kids running around the store. The break room meeting was the one of the funniest moments of the episode.

I don’t think that Jeff will stop pursuing Mateo to win him back. I think he’s gonna try as hard as he can to do so and maybe bring back Myrtle. Can’t wait to see where Amy and Jonah’s relationship will go this season.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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