The Gifted (S02E02) “unMoored”

This week’s episode was very character informative. We finally got to see how John (Blair Redford) was brought into The Underground, which felt almost a little Wolverine a lá X-Men (2000). Evangeline (Erinn Ruth) is a high powered mutant lawyer whom plays messenger for the X-Men, reaching out to anyone who is deemed worthy to help the cause. We see that over time she has grown understandably more cautious. She even goes as far as to apologize to John for giving him hope. This really speaks to how terrifying the world has grown for mutants. Between Sentinel Services and The Purifiers, it must be hard for them to imagine freedom. Well, for everyone not in The Inner Circle that is.

The Gifted Season 2 Episode 2 13 3500 300x169 - The Gifted (S02E02) "unMoored"

Reeva (Grace Byers) is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, both as a mutant and as an evil mastermind. We learned that she is one of the most powerful mutants left after 751, and that is really saying something. We saw how easily she dispatched her predecessors in the last episode, but I feel like we’ve only seen a hint of her power. If what she said was true about her past, then I’m sure she truly believes in what she is doing. She’s willing to do anything it takes, and I’m predicting that the plan we learned a little about will be massive. Andy (Percy Hynes White) seems to be an important piece to the puzzle for Reeva, but not too important to almost eliminate. Thankfully it didn’t come to that, but man it was close.

My favourite moment of the episode was when Marcos (Sean Teale) lit up the sky for his dearest Lorna (Emma Dumont). It was a sweet gesture that worked, even if he didn’t know it did. Of course the sweetness doesn’t last, but for that small moment they were happy again. Hopefully Marcos will get to meet his daughter before something happens to either one of them.