The Good Place (S03E03) “The Brainy Bunch”

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With Trevor on Earth with Eleanor and the gang, will Michael stop him from interfering with them?

With Michael learning that Trevor is down on Earth, he and Janet make the trip down there to stop him. Trevor’s plan was the obvious: to split Chidi and Eleanor. Trevor takes the group out to celebrate at a creepy down to American restaurant. He gets Chidi to think that it might be a bad idea of hanging around the group.

Michael and Janet butted in as Michael advises Chidi and Janet keeps and eye on Trevor as their restaurant server. Trevor tries to get Tahani and Jason drunk, but become the best of friends.  As Eleanor tells Chidi that she would rather work with him than with the group. Mainly because of Trevor’s behavior being one of them. But Chidi doesn’t give in. But after learning that Eleanor might not show up, he finally goes to Eleanor and gets her to comeback and try it for three months.

Michael and Janet argue with Trevor about how well strong Chidi and Eleanor’s bond. But when the doorman appears, he tells them that the judge wants to see them.

Uh Oh!

The Judge wasn’t too please with Michael. She explains that since this whole thing start that the Jacksonville Jaguars have been a playoff team. Even Blake Bortles has been good. After she gets rid of Trevor and she demands Michael and Janet to go back to the Bad Place. But when all the stuff that Janet tries to bring on Earth, starts to appear and makes a barrier between them and the Judge. The two makes it back to the door and gets the key from the doorman and goes back to Earth.

“The Brainy Bunch” was another strong, well written episode. No matter how obnoxious and dimwitted a person can try to split two people like Eleanor and Chidi. The two are solid that they’re meant to be like we’ve seen in the many different Good Place versions. Plus that there have been many moments that I thought that the two were going to kiss. With everyone’s performance was solid, Danson, Carden and Scott stole the episode along with Maya Rudolph with just so many moments from dink Tracy jokes to realizing what Michael’s plan has done with the Jaguars.

Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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