S.W.A.T (S02E02) “Gasoline Drum”


‘Trained by the DEA’

Oi1g 1 300x154 - S.W.A.T (S02E02) "Gasoline Drum"
Help from the agency who created The Omegas

The episode opens up with a mother frantically searching the house for her daughter. As armed guys show up, she takes her son and leaves. Street (Alex Russel) and his partner, Tony, show up to rescue the daughter but get pinned down by gunfire attempting to leave. Hondo (Shemar Moore) and SWAT pull up to get Street, Tony and the girl, Ela, out of danger. Only to be met with guys with suppressed assault rifles and a bulletproof vehicle. As it turns out, it was a stash house for The Omegas. A DEA trained squad to takedown drug organizations until they themselves became one. The receive help from a DEA agent and an MIA Interpol agent, who seems to have a hidden agenda and yet known to Captain Cortez (Stephanie Sigman).

The team soon finds out that the one-the-run mother and son are Omega One’s wife and son, Jubilee and Rudy. Omega one, who is the leader of the Omegas who doesn’t normally leave Turkey. But him being here in LA shows that it’s personal. Street, Ela, Chris (Lina Esco) and Deacon (Jay Harrington) soon put together that the mother is heading to the Racecourse, most likely to use the money to disappear. The moment Jubilee and Rudy find the money, The Omegas ambush them. As the Omegas are about to load Jubilee and Rudy into the vehicle, they run into SWAT. Leaning from the previous experiences, take out the tires of the bulletproof SUV and arrest them all.

It always becomes personal

Showing what a big help she can be, Interpol agent Kamile had plans over her own. After the takedown of the Omega squad at the racecourse, she takes Cortez’s gun and at gunpoint takes Rudy from Jubilee to use as leverage to get to Omega One. We learn that when she was getting too close to The Omegas, the burned her sister in a gasoline drum. And she is planning to do the same. She takes Cortez’s car and gets away. Kamile meets with Omega One in a scrap yard with the intention of putting him down. SWAT tracks Cortez’s vehicle and stops Kamile’s suicide mission.

You can’t always help everyone

Hondo finds out that Leeroy’s son, Daryl, is back in lockup for armed robbery. Something he never wanted, Hondo wanted Daryl to break the cycle. After talking to his father and old-friend, Leeroy agreed to talk to him. But, sometimes we can’t save everyone. Leeroy had a conversation very different from the one Hondo wanted him to have. Instead of trying to get him out of the life, Leeroy gave him a path in. Something Hondo never wanted. Yet, Hondo promised to never stop trying and Leeroy responded by saying that this time no one is asking for it.


SWAT continues to be a middle of the pack TV show. It always regresses to the mean. It’s abnormally terrible or amazingly for long period. But it does have flashes of great. I look forward to how Street will try to get back into SWAT. Also, how Deputy DA Wells and Hondo’s relationship will develop. I hope it turns out to be a great season ahead.

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