Van Helsing(S03E01) “Fresh Tendrils”

Hello and Welcome back my readers, it’s so good to be back writing about my titled favorite show ever on Syfy channel! It’s so good to be back, and we got a lot of juicy details that we are going to go over that we saw happen on this episode! And I got a lot of juicy theories too that I will lay down too but first lets not read me yap lets get to this review oh wait I guess that would be me yapping!

So this is the first episode of Season 3 and for those who don’t remember Vanessa (Kelly Overton) was brought back to life by the Elder (Keith Arbuthnot), he bit into her and awoke her out of a deep sleep or death sleep whatever the queen is back to kicking ass! Yes we did get some very interesting details about how the two sisters were separated and what drove Vanessa to be in the foster system after being split up from Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) which was a sad tale. I mean you wouldn’t expect minutes or hours after dropping off Scarlett that the accident would happen but it did. Next question is though, who is this mysterious woman in black or the black bride that was talking to Young Vanessa (Alexa Grace Arlitt) could it be connected to the Dark One? It’s a mystery that we will have to continue watching to find out.

Vanessa however once getting used to the Elder’s new form to shadow itself to make Vanessa feel more comfortable which was Susan (Hilary Jardine) I miss her so much on the show. But I guess the Elder cloaking as her will do, it’s an interesting way to make her come back to the show. But Vanessa had to deal with one thing though the death of her real mother Abby (Andee Frizzell) which is so sad because we just had Vanessa meet her in a mind trip towards the cave to talk with Abby and Scarlett. To hear from your own mother her last words before she died is so sad man. I’m pretty sure we all cried when Vanessa cried.

Okay so here’s one thing that I think blew all of our minds is Flesh (Vincent Gale) came back to life after being exploded to his death by Lucky’s grenade and the two of them being eaten by the vampires! Like what the hell? You would think once the guy was turned back to normal by Vanessa’s blood back in Season 1 that he would’ve died as a human. But I did like some theories and I am going to write them up here that I read on twitter; some people are speculating that the Flesh that has risen out of the grave isn’t the human version of Flesh but the Vampire version of him. If that’s true then does that mean both parts were in love with Lucky and one just couldn’t let go more than the other version of the soul? Or did the human part of him truly die and he is full fledged vampire now? It;s hard to really say in my book because we don’t know how all this resurrection stuff actually works and which part really comes back over the other part. But I look forward to watching more to find out what happens next with Flesh’s story.

Now we keep hearing about the Dark One, and how he should never rise, but what if the Dark One in story’s has been called a man but in reality is a woman. I mean that would make the whole theories especially mine making it theorize that the Dark One is Dracula. But what if the Dark One really is Mina Harker? I mean she could be known as the Dark One especially in some stories that she was so in love with Dracula even after converted back to human form that she kept trying to find ways to drink blood to convert herself back. So it could be very possible for Mina to be the Dark One. But I know that a lot of people will still theorize that it’s going to be Dracula and it would be interesting for either to be revealed as being the Dark One. What if Dracula is a woman? Whoa that would change the tables a whole lot wouldn’t it!

We also saw that Ivory (Jennifer Cheon) is indeed weak after escaping with Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) and Scab is trying so hard to try to satisfy his love interest or mistress or whatever you would want to call those two. But it’s sweet that Scab is trying his best to satisfy and give Ivory what she needs, but how long until she gets bored of Scab, never I think. I think she’s gonna keep him on as long as she can cause deep down in that old vampire body she has a soft spot for the guy!

Might we say that Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) was enjoying the wild side of his vampire side a little bit too much with my taste. Especially since he always said to Vanessa that he never wants to become a vampire and then to be forced into it against his will by creepy Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) it makes you wonder what his agenda really will be for poor Mohammad. Right now their fun is to terrorize and drink the hell out of humans and just create chaos and destruction in their path; but how long until Vanessa sees the monstrosity that Mohammad has become and turn him back forcing her to come to a final showdown between her and Sam? We will find out, I’m guessing though maybe 4 episodes.

As for our group of heroes that we have come to love that were sent away Julius (Aleks Paunovic) and Doc (Rukiya Bernard) I don’t think they will be gone for long I give it like 3 or 4 episodes and they will be back in the same direction as Vanessa and be like “you can’t separate the band that easily, we gotta stay together” or something along those lines. It would be good to see Juliua and Doc back with Vanessa cause they all make a good team together wither they like to admit it or not.

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S03E02) “Super Unknown” airs Friday October 12, 2018 at 10/9c on Syfy