Young Sheldon (S02E03) “A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens”

The unwavering faith of Mary (Zoe Perry ) in this series has always been  surprising  for Sheldon (Iain Armitage) but he never does or say anything to her because he loves his mother dearly which is why the events that transpired in this episode were a bit unusual. Possible spoilers ahead

Riddle me this?

Sheldon (Iain Armitage) is seen  questioning  the sermon and faith  of the pastor (Matt Hobby),  which was based on God giving Jesus to earth to wipe out sin, of which Sheldon asked a question that left him in awe “if an alien Adam and Even ate the apple and brought sin to other universe, who would save them , an alien Jesus or the human Jesus?  This is one of the reasons people like Sheldon, his ability to ask silly questions and crack you up in the process.

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The call that changed everything.

Soon after church, while Sheldon was badgering Meemah (Annie Potts) and his father (Lance Barber) about taking him to radio shack, Mary (Zoe Perry) got an unexpected call about the daughter of their church member dying. This unexpected call shook Sheldon parents up, of course the kids were there asking silly questions like “What clothes will the dead person wear in ghost form? , I think you already know where this is going.

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Mary (Zoe Perry) was quite shaken up about the death of the 16 year old girl and this made Mary (Zoe Perry ) question her faith, so she went to meet her Pastor (Matt Hobby) and he gave her a pep talk about increasing her hard work, kindness and prayer, well that worked for a while until Mary (Zoe Perry) finally lost herself, she went drinking with Meemah to drown her sorrows and left George on daddy duty. Trust the twins to play a trick on him.  The next scene opened with George ( Lance Barber) making breakfast and their mum absent, this made Sheldon (Iain Armitage) worried.

Mother dearest

Later that night after dinner , Sheldon starts comforting Mary (Zoe Perry) with scientific facts that proves the existence of a creator, and so his mother asked “I thought you didn’t believe in God. ” and he replies “I don’t, but the precision of the universe makes it logical to conclude that there is a creator” We got to see the compassionate side of Sheldon  and he was willing to accommodate his mother beliefs to make her happy.

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