One Chicago Crossover: Chicago Fire (S07E02) “Going To War”/Chicago Med (S04E02) “When to Let Go”/Chicago PD (S06E02) “Endings”

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Did you think that the previous crossover event couldn’t be topped? Think again! They sure found a way to make this crossover event their best yet.

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Chicago Fire “Going to War”

The episode started off quite at first with Forster roaming around 51 and gets some stories from Boden. Not to mention also bumping into Brett and Casey and Severide and Kidd. But when the call comes down, everyone is out to that call of an apartment building fire.

With the fire around the 20th floor, the elevators not in use,  so the team moves up on the stairs and try to guide those up coming down, but also to see if anyone is trapped. Otis looses a mother and baby and thinks that they might be on the elevator and tries to fix it. But when the elevator door opens, smoke roams and he sees the mother and baby burned to death. It upsets him very bad,

Jay Halstead rushes into the building asking Boden if he saw his father, Pat. But Boden hasn’t seen him but the building employee has and tells them that he might be on the 25 floor with another guy in a wheelchair. Casey moves up and finds Pat along with his friend and tries to pull them out, until assistance comes.

Cruz finds an unconscious woman in the line of fire and helps her out of the building. Casey gets help from Brett and the two finally talked about Dawson. She asked him why he let her go. Casey replied that he’s pissed too but couldn’t keep her away. As Brett tells him how bad she feel, but Casey gives her a photo and a note from Dawson on how much she loved her.

But it doesn’t stop there, with a kid tapped, Severide comes in to rescue him. As the fire keeps grows, he takes the risk of moving down a couple of floors outside. As soon as they’re out of danger, Herrmann calls for help as Kidd is down, because she was bold and crazy enough not to get a new one. Everyone comes to help, including Severide, and brings to down to Brett and Forster to get her set to transfer. As they got Kidd breathing and ready to go, all of them headed off to Med, expect for Jerry. HA!

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Chicago Med ” When to Let Go”

The episode picks up as Brett and Forster brings in Kidd to Med.  Ethan and April trying to stabilized her but she’s experience bleeding from her lungs. Conner tries to work her up and as soon as she’s stable, he tells Severide that they’re gonna have to take her left lung out.

Of course Severide was mad about it and asked for another way. But with no family around, it’s not his call as it’s the doctors.

Meanwhile, a little girl, who’s got burns up to 80 percent of her body, has her parents believing that she don’t want to be saved. But after improvements, they decided for the surgery.

After a workup on Pat, Will and Jay are in the room with him. Things looked goo until it goes south. After five minutes of getting his father’s heart back, it results into brain death. Will tries to explain to Jay about it but he couldn’t grip on it.

Gwen confronts them that they have the hospital full support on keeping their dad on the vent. But when Will finds out why she did that, they know they have to take him off the vent as he’s close to the 30 day deadline. Jay won’t let their dad off the vent but after hours later Will sets by him. Jay tells him that he agrees to take dad off the vent.

Ethan finds a fracture arm and found bruises on her shoulder and thigh on that unconscious girl. But before anymore work ups, she leaves and Ethan and Maggie call CPD over.

Just as the Intelligence unit comes in, they found a GPS clip on the patient’s bed. Meanwhile, as Voight gives commanded, he talks to Jay about how sorry he is about his father’s death. Voight asked Jay to take a couple of days off, but he wouldn’t and wants to find this guy.

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Chicago PD “Endings”

We pick up as Platt gives the orders to officers of a hunt of a missing woman. Jay and Burgess team up and after looking around the park, they found her, who tells Jay that she’s finally free.

As the team looks into the owner of the room in that apartment, they come to name of the biggest drug lord around. But after the FBI asked to step around their case but Voight only agreed to do that only if they give them information on their suspect. When the team gets the information, they found a file with a name Carlos Mendoza, who worked for the drug lord and is under witness protection.

They also learn that Carlos’ son, Daniel, is also in the game like his father and asked the whereabouts of him. With the father not telling where his son is, they go to the next person, Carlos’ other son, Juan, who isn’t in the game like his dad and brother.

Jay, who’s taking this very personal, gives a plan to take Juan and question him. With no alternative, they take in Juan and gets Carlos to finally give up Daniel. They plan to Carlos to call Daniel to track him down. Just before the mission goes, Voight and Hallie takes Jay off the case for being too close.

After Voight leaves, Jay calls Severide for help and use his police scanner to search where they might have road blocks. When Jay found the location, the Starsky and Hutch  was on the way. Jay finds Daniel as he saw Jay and the chase was on. Jay chases him until Daniel shoots him and Jay shoots him in the chest. The two are down and Jay calls for ambulance. Soon Ruzek and Hallie get there and call for the same ambulance. Jay is okay with a shot throw on his side. Voight gives him one of the most father-son speeches that would even get me to cry and say “yes dad.” Even Hallie walks off with Ruzek and starts to loose it, thinking that Jay could have died.

Meanwhile, Jay and Will walk into their dad’s apartment to clean things out. As Will looks in the living room, Jay goes into the bed room where he sees clippings of his graduating class at the police academy and it brings Jay to tears realizing that his father did care of him too.

Okay I was one of the few that really didn’t think that the last big crossover event (the one with Justice), would top itself. But it did! It really did! I was amazed how these episodes came with such great performances from really Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, in all three shows. This was his best performance since the episode arc last season when he falls in love with someone while he’s undercover.

It also opens up to more story lines for the rest of the season like Kelly and Stella, how will Stella deal coming back to work after. Will Otis suffer more from PTSD and will Dr. Charles keep on him about how he’s doing? I think down the road that Otis’ PTSD will catch up to him. Also I think that Jay got the fatherly moment he has wanted from his own father when Voight gave it to him after capturing Daniel. But also Hallie emotional moment kind of has me thinking that she’s got feeling for Jay. Anyone?

Overall, I give this crossover event a 9.5/10. It literally made what One Chicago Wednesday the night we all were wanting to see. All I got to say is: “When’s the next one?”

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