Speechless (S03E01) “L-O-N– LONDON” (Part 1)

Speechless (S03E01) “L-O-N– LONDON” (Part 1)

Speechless is back for a third season! After they got kicked out of their house in the season 2 finale, the DiMeo family is still living in their yard. Kenneth offers to let them stay in his house while they search for a new place (I would totally watch ‘Under One Roof’ by the way). After a month, it gets a bit too crowded for everybody in one house and the DiMeos discuss splitting up: Maya and Jimmy will stay at a hotel, JJ will stay with Kenneth, Dylan will be at a friend’s house, and Ray will stay with his friend. Yes, Ray has a friend, named Tom Thompson. Yes, he is real (I think. Maybe not.).

They are on their way to drop everybody off at their new temporary place when they find out that their house is for sale. The last thing we heard was that the house was already sold, but apparently the buyer pulled out of the deal. Maya decides to buy the house again, and to get the money they need for it, she will ask her estranged father for help. And because her father lives in London, the family, and Kenneth, go on a trip! Nothing can go wrong, right??

When they arrive every family member embarks on their own adventure on the other side of the ocean.

  • Maya isn’t ready to face her dad yet so the family decides to take a tourist bus through the city first. Unfortunately, along the way they run into Martin, Maya’s father (enter John Cleese) and things go south quickly. However they eventually apologize to each other for everything that happened in the past (weirdest, but most hilarious apology I’ve ever seen).
  • Jimmy wants to make this trip fun for JJ and wants to take him to the top of Central Hall Westminster to watch the view. Even when he finds out that the observation deck is not wheelchair accessible, he still wants to take JJ up there. They finally make it to the top and Jimmy feels great about himself (he needed a win, after not being able to get his family the house back), until he realizes it would’ve been much easier if they had just gone in the London Eye.
  • Ray completely changes his style and becomes a Californian surf dude to impress girls. He has some luck with the ladies, but eventually breaks. He can’t keep pretending to be someone else because he wants to see museums, like the dork that he really is.
  • Kenneth wants to enjoy everything relating to the British royals, but Dylan tells the family of his guilty pleasure. Of course they make fun of him, but Kenneth fights back when he finds out that Dylan also secretly loves the royal family. In the end, like her brother, Dylan also stops pretending and confesses to her love for things that don’t necessarily make her look tough and cool, like the royal family.

To come back to the reason why the DiMeos are actually in London, now that things are better between Maya and Martin, she will need to ask him for the money for their house. However, Maya can’t seem to ask her dad for this big favor. This gets even harder when her dad tells her how happy he is that she came to see him, and that she didn’t come for help or his money.

The episode ends on this cliffhanger with everybody enjoying themselves in London, but the DiMeos still without a house. I guess we will have to wait until the next episode to see what happens!

I’m so glad that Speechless is back. I’ve reviewed the show a few times in the last 2 years and I’ll try to do it regularly this season because this show is one of my current favorites.

I love how disability is part of this family and this show, but doesn’t control it. Like in this episode, the storyline between Jimmy and JJ is about how not everything is accessible for JJ, but they make the best of it and throw in humor. The balance between serious scenes and hilarious lines is perfect, and it has been for 2 seasons now.

I really enjoyed this season premiere as well. All the characters were just like how we have gotten to know them over the past 2 years and jokes were perfectly timed. I just have to give a shout-out to John Ross Bowie who nails his sarcastic and dry lines every time. But honestly, every cast member did a great job this week.

I loved it that Dylan showed her family that she is not always the tough girl she seems to be. We didn’t really get any of that from her in earlier episodes and it was nice to see when she finally confessed and could be herself.

And last but not least, John Cleese… He is perfect for the role of Maya’s dad. It is nice to get a bit of a background story on Maya, and we all totally understand now where her character traits come from. I think Cleese and Minnie Driver have great screen chemistry together (seriously, that apology was crazy). It should be very interesting to see how he will react when he finds out the DiMeos need money.

Speechless is off to a great start in season 3 with another balanced episode. I’m very curious to see how things will turn out and I can’t wait for the rest of the season!

Part 2 of Speechless’ trip to London airs Friday, October 12th at 8:30/7:30c on ABC!