The Goldbergs (S06E02) “You Got Zuko’d”

The Goldbergs (S06E02) “You Got Zuko’d”

In this week’s episode we further explore Barry and Lainey’s engagement and Jackie returns!

Now that Barry and Lainey’s engagement has been approved by their parents (sort of), Beverly thinks it’s time to give Lainey her box of recipes. However Lainey doesn’t want to take care of Barry the way his mom does, something Barry isn’t happy about. To try and get Lainey to cook anyway, he makes her feel guilty by stealing Bev’s recipe box. This works. And to get rid of her guilt, Lainey agrees to learn the recipes that Beverly knows by heart, to make up for losing the box.

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Beverly’s memory isn’t as good as she thought it was though and the dishes don’t turn out the way they should. Lainey eventually finds out that Barry was the one who stole the recipe box and gets mad at him. Barry realizes what he did wrong after some good advice of Murray and to make up for his stupid mistake, Barry apologizes to Lainey by learning how to cook for her.

Adam is back in school and finds out that his girlfriend Jackie has changed a lot after spending the summer at NYU. She came back as “a totally different person”, which she really did, because Alexis G. Zall has replaced Rowan Blanchard who used to play Jackie. Adam is afraid that if he doesn’t change the way Jackie did, they will grow apart. So to match Jackie’s new punk style, he gets himself some purposely ripped jeans, dies his hear and even agrees to take part in a drag race against Johnny Atkins. He gets Murray’s car and surprisingly wins the slowest drag race ever. However, his win doesn’t make Jackie happy at all. She doesn’t like the new Adam and just wants him to be the lovable dork that he has always been. Adam changes back to his old self and the two have fun together at a carnival.

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I really loved Rowan Blanchard as Jackie. Sadly she’s moved on to do different things so she couldn’t be on The Goldbergs this season. I thought the way they addressed the change of actress was great, and very much like something The Goldbergs would do. I still have to get used to the idea a bit though, but I think Alexis did a good job this episode and is a good addition to the show.

Now onto my thoughts about this episode. Not everything in this episode worked for me, the storylines in itself weren’t all too interesting to me. But even then, The Goldbergs still finds a way to be great. There were some hilarious scenes in this episode, like the drag race and Barry and Geoff talking about their girlfriends. I also liked it that we got to see some personal growth with Barry. It’s not the first time we see him grow as a person, but usually those times he would fall back into his old patterns. When it comes to Lainey, Barry really seems to try and be better.

The use of Pops in this episode was fantastic. And Murray from behind the newspaper worked pretty well too. I did notice that Erica wasn’t in the episode a lot, but it worked in this episode where the focus was more on the other two kids. She wasn’t a lot in last week’s episode either, so I hope we do get to see more of her and the Dropouts soon.

The Goldbergs is back this Wednesday, October 10th at 8/7c on ABC! Coincidentally, it is also Wendi McLendon-Covey’s birthday then, so don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday! (My birthday is on the 9th, so if you’re wishing people a happy birthday this week anyway…. ;-))