Venom (2018)

Guys and Gals, today I review a movie that some have called bad and others have called good, and I’m here to tell you all that I’m on the good side, then again there are no sides, the only side that matters is the side that our anti-hero is on. See what I did there? Lets get to this review! Don’t worry this is a spoiler free review that way you all can just read everything I say.

So before I start, I should remind all of you that this film is not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead it will be only a part of the Marvel Sony Universe; what’s the difference you ask? The difference is that Sony has rights to a certain list of Marvel characters that would either never meet the big screen or would just be thrown into animated universes because they are “non-sense” characters. Well Sony created a solution to that mess, Sony has chosen to create a universe where all of the villains and anti-heroes that will never meet the MCU characters will have their own films, certain characters that fans have said for years need their own films. Sony chose to have Venom as the first entry to that certain universe and to me I have to say it was successful. Now that I have that out of the way and I hope I helped you all understand more better about Sony’s big plan for Marvel characters I can start on the review.

So the story covers Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) whose a failed journalist that relocated to San Francisco in hopes that he can reclaim his good name, not knowing something sinister is at work to bond with him forever. Now on the record, I have been a huge Venom fan ever since I was a kid, so when I heard that this film was being made I was hoping with joy. I knew what it meant, my favorite Spider-Man villain turned anti-hero was going to get his own solo movie, I almost had a heart attack over the news cause I was so excited. When we were told that it wasn’t going to be connected to its Spider-Man origins in certain ways but will be in certain ways I was like “okay no problem, I’ll still give the film a try” when I saw the film today I was literally happy watching the film. Sure it had it’s own origin set into motion but at least they did keep a couple things from the comics, which is what I was really looking for.

Now in the comics, the symbiote was brought into orbit from the Moon by John Jameson (Chris O` Hara) that saw something different about a rock on the moon so he brought a sample to Earth for further analyzing. If John Jameson sounds familiar he’s the son of J. Jonah Jameson the boss of Daily Bugle. And in the comics when the space shuttle crashed it was Spider-Man who found the shuttle and helped save John Jameson from the shuttle, then got a bit of goo on him that turned out to become the symbiote that created Spider-Man’s black suit. And then we all know what happened after that Spider-Man dumped that symbiote suit like a ditched prom date and the suit found his way to Eddie Brock that turned him into the villain Venom. Now that’s the comic story so read that part carefully!

Another thing from the comics that was brought to the big screen was two lines, the first line was “eyes, lungs, pancreas, so many snacks so little time” now that line was first brought to the Todd McFarlane comic issue when he first helped bring Venom to the pages of the comics. The line was used when Venom and Spider-Man had their first face off against each other which was awesome. The other line that everyone is familiar with is “we are venom” I mean it’s a given line that no matter what would have to be in the film just like how it is in the comics.

Now with this film even though the Venom film version didn’t have the spider symbol it had veins instead and it was a good replacement. I still liked the whole movie even with that special symbol missing because it’s Venom. I’m a huge Venom fan and I always have been and always will be; I will support any version that they bring but my absolute version that I love is Eddie Brock’s version, because his was the most violent. By violence I mean, he ate people’s head and even ripped off peoples heads and separated the bodies in one pile and the heads in another pile. No matter what Venom when with Eddie Brock in the beginning would always leave trails of bodies and it would be beautiful in the comic books. And to see at least a version of that happen in the film was beautiful, they got everything right in the movie and I’m so happy to say that I would recommend this film to anyone. Seriously this film was so good, I loved Tom Hardy’s version of Eddie Brock he really brought a new aspect of love to the character. And how the character becomes a horrible screw up is just incredible!

Michelle Williams did a fantastic job as Anne Weying, the way how she brought the character from only comic book pages to life was phenomenal. I loved her version of the character; any movie that I’ve seen Michelle Williams play in has always been an awesome movie or good at least. The woman is so good in my opinion, I know everyone has different opinions but that’s mine. Now to comic book readers the name sounds familiar and it should, Anne Weying is the lawyer that marries Eddie Brock and has a life with him after he got rid of the Venom symbiote. The two of them in the comics had not the best marriage it had ups and downs especially since Eddie at that time in the comics was fighting cancer. But when the Venom symbiote came back into Eddie’s life, Anne got in the way and got bonded with the symbiote instead creating She-Venom. Now Venom did like it but he also said it felt weird and chose to leave Anne and went back to Eddie which cured his cancer in the comics but at a price. Now I’m not going to spoil anything for all of you guys so you all need to see this film!

I highly recommend this film to anyone and everyone and I hope you all go see it to give it a chance. No the film does not feel like a PG-13 film, not fully, some ways it does but they kept the violence real and intense in this film which I loved!

Venom is now out in theaters!