This Is Us (S03E02) “A Philadelphia Story”

“A Philadelphia Story” was another powerful, inspirational episode that dives into life’s changes. Whether it’s from Rebecca dealing with moving to a new home weeks after Jack’s death and coming to terms that Kevin and Kate aren’t okay . Randall trying to help a community center get some much needed repairs. But also seeing his younger self making the decision to not go to college after Jack’s death.

From William (played by Emmy winner Ron Cephas Jones) being an inspiration to a new resident, Chi Chi (played by Yetide Badaki), at his apartment complex and finding another way to breathe new life thanks to her as he did the same for her.

To even Kate, Toby and Rebecca’s discussion (if you would call that) about IVF. With Kate and Toby starting their IVF, Rebecca learns and thinks that they haven’t thought of other options. Kate explains to her that she wants to have a child that has Toby, her and Jack’s face. And not to mention that she’s the only one that can have that. That gets Kevin into thinking about it and tells Randall, when he gets to Kevin’s movie premiere, about it. After hearing what Kate had said about being the only one that can bring a piece of dad into the world, Randall looked at her with some confusion and concerns.

I enjoyed this episode from beginning to the end. This was a well-performed episode from Ron Cephas Jones to Chrissy Metz and Mandy Moore. But Niles Fitch, playing 17 year old Randall, that stole the episode as  Randall. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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