BALLERS (S04E09) “There’s No Place Like Home” Season Finale

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It is the season finale of Ballers, thank you God! This is probably the most difficult episode to watch.  There were so many loose ends, so many questions, wtf’s and sweet spots too.  Spencers character was totally dark this season which leads us to believe that they will delve into the topic of depression and mental health in Season 5 (yes, they have been renewed).  Spencer, (Dwayne Johnson) took us on a wild & macabre ride in season 4 and it all boiled down to an unhealed wound, the death of his brother.  Furthermore,  the audacious Spencer slaps the NCAA with a lawsuit…Holy cow!  By the way, did I mention that Spencer has also quit? Joe gets teary eyed & so did I. Well, just for a moment. 

Turning the page, General manager Charles Greene (Omar Benson Miller) sure has grown a “pair” in season 4. He seems comfortable with his position. The tension between he and Ricky Jerrett (John David Washington) surfaces once again! Ricky has signed to his Rams & has also confessed to Charles that he has been taking performance enhancers. Charles becomes very upset and pretends that he didn’t hear the confession. Flashforward to the LA RAM’S press conference;  Charles Greene is to introduce the newly acquired super star athletes. Much to my surprise he only introduces Kisan Teague (Kris Lofton)  during the press conference. Charles gives Ricky the “side eye and snarls” and Ricky Jerret walks off. Okay,  so my question are: How come the press didn’t notice this star athlete in their company? And why did Charles snub Ricky?  So many questions. 

Okay, now on to the sweet spot. Joe Kutel (Rob Corddry) and Fat Reggie (London Brown) have really turned Sports X into something special.  Business has picked up, they have signed raw talent & now have Nike endorsements. I really enjoy seeing the chemistry between these two gentlemen and I hope that there is more to come next season.  I love how Fat Reggie has stepped out of the shadows of being just an opportunistic scumbag/sidekick to his childhood bestie, Vernon (Donovan Carter).  The role as “executive” befits, and who knows? Fat Reggie may surprise us and become the  “Suge Knight” of the Sports world. Anything is possible on Ballers. 

 My least favorite part of this episode is when Joe goes to have a chat with my least favorite bloke, Lance Klians (Russel Brand).  Joe is trying to convince Lance to return to Sports X, since Spencer has quit.  Joe my advice to you is, please use Fat Reggie to his fullest capacity, he has proven to be an asset to the company. You do not need Lance!  

Sidenote: Only nine episodes guys? Really? I must say that  I feel cheated. Anywho, click on the link below for bts  (Behind the scenes) tidbits. It’s fun to watch the creation of a series.

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