Bull (S03E03) “Excessive Force”

Tonight, Bull joins the political and social climate of anger, protest, family and community devastation, currently on the planet.  TAC represents one of the NYPD’s finest, in a shooting of an unarmed black man.

Officer Tonia Harris ( Lauren Hodges) shoots Cal Petersen ( Guy Lockard)  the black man who is unarmed 

Cal stumbles into a lady’s room, drunk and needs to throw up!  He goes for the sink.

Yet Tonia, is preparing to use the toilet and her gun is on the same sink, placed there as she attempts to “release” in private.

Although she has barred the door, before attempting to sit; Cal comes charging through. She grabs the gun 1st and a shot is fired, after a brief tussel. There is cam footage.

However, Cal is winged in the shoulder, in what is a non life threatening injury.   He recovers and  sues the P D for racism. Tonia Harris is now the most hated woman in New York, if not the country! The Comish hires Bull.  

The team isn’t happy either and they’re divided. The BLM movement and cop shootings has reached TAC   

Ms. Ford ( Tawny Cypress) is the civil rights attorney rep. Petersen. They want $25MILLION for a flesh wound. No compromise, “See you in court”

The TAC  strategy is “everything and anything”  other than race happened in that bathroom”  It’s about, how one reacts in a crisis. They’re trying a case about circumstances.  Because for the justice system to work… really work, it must be color blind, right?

 1st off Cal was drunk and high on Mollies, per the tox report. They start there.

Off topic…kinda: Why do we always attempt to trash the victim?  Does it make the alleged  crime and offense less damaging? Did the alleged victim, “deserve it?”  

Never the less, things are not always as it seems. For when Bull asks the simple question ” Where’s the vomit?! The case  takes a most interesting turn.

Cal was trying to throw up, yes? Believe it or not, this bit of information was crucial to the case.  There was none. What?! Why?

It was another case,  that “I never saw it coming ” The plot thickened and it was brill. I love it when that happens.

 I also love it when such newsworthy cases have a very different ending; and there is no intention by law enforcement to harm, injure nor kill an unarmed person.

This episode offers another scenario. A “What if?”  And in most cases, when unsure; simply follow the money. 

Yes, It’s another good one; simple. And I like simple.

Bull airs, Monday on CBS, 10p/Pacific Time