Chicken Girls (S03E06) “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

This episode of a Chicken Girls, views like a Mystery Club. Complete with “What if?” “What Happened?” and my personal favorite, “Who dunnit?!” I can barely wait til the next webisode, cause this one leaves me no answers nor direction. Love it!  

We begin with Ellie ‘Brooke “illin” in a squad routine. She’s not keeping up, Beatrice threatens and she throws up. The B’s make me sick too, so I understand.

She lifts her head, from the final purge to see their school tagged. Everybody gathers around and conclude,  Robby did it, because he’s had problems before and he’s the resident “bad”

He’s suspended shortly thereafter, when a can of spray paint is found in his locker.  I can even see the set up! Ellie’Brooke will probably clear him. I hope so.

Then there’s Rhyme singing with her crush, Drake. She may get a chance to Juliet his Romeo, cause the lead is sick. Oh. Goody! Oh. and they almost kissed. Sweet. As “the show must go on” lead falls through the door. Literally.  

On other crush grounds, Luna tries to get the side lined, due to injury, football star, Ty, to come to church with her. He doesn’t do God,  but, he’ll think about.  

On the obvious, Rooney finds out her lab partner,  Stephanie doesn’t like boys. Yes, it was obvious to anyone looking. Rooney has no problem with it, and will probably run to Stephanie for comfort, sooner than later.

 It looks likes Rooney sees a shot of lil’sister Quinn and her beau, “The Sammich” er, Hamilton on a flash drive, provided by…Stephanie!  It’s innocent, bu-bu-but still.  So I’m definitely up for this follow up.  

And Birdie and Spike formally introduced themselves, after their 1st, “fight ” Sweet.

The show was fast and I was disappointed the less than 15 minutes came and went so quickly. The editor did a great job on the suspense. Not a single second was wasted.  

So until next week, Tuesday, 3p/Pacific, 6p/Eastern The Brat Channel on Youtube >>>