The Flash(S05E01) “Nora”

Welcome Back my friends and readers for the Season Premiere of a fantastic season of The Flash,  and we have a special futuristic guest which is awesome but will she stay? Well lets start this review everybody!

Okay so in this episode we got an introduction to Barry’s/The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Iris’s (Candice Patton) future daughter Nora/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) who can’t return to the future due to her speed not making her fast enough. So she’s stuck in the past, but the problem is she doesn’t know anything about her father because he’s never around. Not because he’s busy being the Flash but its because the Flash is gone forever after trying to save all lives in Central City. In Barry’s honor they create a museum called Flash Museum chronologically organized to reveal all of his fights that went down in history! But some things you can’t learn from a museum and thats why Nora wanted to go back in time to get to know her father.

Okay so, one I can say that I’m glad they chose to go against the comics with Nora’s superhero name. Cause in the comics Barry’s daughter known as Nora Allen is called Cruise which is a horrible speedster name. Liker seriously Cruise sounds like your cruising down the freeway. But they chose to go with XS which is a lot more cooler, but I will admit they did still keep Cruise’s powers in how they work for the character XS so, in a way Nora could still be renamed by Cisco (Carlos Valdes) but we will find out through out the season.

Now this episode had the villain Gridlock (Daniel Cudmore) which was an interesting villain but it was a good choice to have in the episode especially to show Nora that yes when you go back in time things will be changed and turn bad. But we did have Barry, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), and Nora work together to take down Gridlock which was awesome. I never really thought that what Thawne/Wells (Tom Cavanagh) would help Barry to train anyone, I mean it helped a little bit to help Wally but it helped a whole lot when it came to Nora especially the phasing which was awesome. A true father, daughter moment that happened at that time!

And finally we talk about the villain, the true big bad of the season; Cicada (Chris Klein) you know in the comics Cicada was an old guy who had a cult known as the Cicada’s to resurrect his wife when he got enough followers. His powers in the comics were to take the life force of others with his daggers and resurrect the dead with the daggers. His abilities were also immortality due to stealing the life force of many people it gives him century’s of more life and accelerated healing is his last ability. Cicada is one of those villains that I believe is going to be very worthy, especially that Darth Vader looking mask I mean he’s gonna be one freaky but awesome character even if he’s a villain its gonna be awesome seeing him take on The Flash and all his friends!

Next Episode: The Flash(S05E02) “Blocked” airs Tuesday October 16, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW