Mr. Mercedes(S02E08) “Nobody Puts Brady in a Crestmore”

Okay guys we have two episodes left of the Season and we still don’t know if the series will be renewed for Season 3 yet! But lets get to the review because I have a whole lot that I want to get into in this review as well as possible theories that might happen in the next episodes.

So in this episode it started right where the last episode ended with poor possessed Al (Mike Starr) attacked Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) and Hodges killed Al, thanks to Ida (Holland Taylor) but hey she helped save his life so it all counts as a win, win. And it helped Brady (Harry Treadaway) to wake up but we will get into more of that in a little bit. This episode is when the intensity got really high in some parts. This season has been really interesting and a huge success in my opinion, I just hope that we do get more seasons.

So when Hodges was taken to the hospital due to that beating that he had gotten from Al; we finally got a sense that we all have been able to see but it was finally revealed from Holly (Justine Lupe) as to how she truly sees Hodges. And as we have already known due to how the two of them treat each other that Holly sees Hodges as a father figure. The only father figure that truly inspired and helped her in her life and as we all know that she is truly grateful to how Hodges has helped her and given her a kindness that no one else would. And Hodges feels the same way you can tell, because when Holly was trying to express how she felt, he looked at her as if he was saying “I know” and that means a lot especially coming from Hodges. But we all know that if Hodges would die from all of this that it would destroy Holly just saying.

We all know that Felix Babineau (Jack Huston) has been starting to lose his shit like a lot; but it wasn’t until recently when he started literally going bat shit crazy. Like ever since he’s seen Brady’s brain movement spike he’s taken up as his duty to try to make Brady better by any means necessary. And because of that any means he’s been seeing improvement after improvement even after poking at his brain and doing things to Brady and because of that drug that he was giving to Brady it finally kicked in at first by taking over peoples bodies like Sadie and Al, but now that his mind doesn’t have those training wheels anymore now Brady can rise on his own two feet and be perfectly fine to commit murders all by his own.

So my theories is that now that Brady is all awake I think that he’s going to be coming after Dr. Babineau and his wife Cora (Tessa Ferrer) and might even kill both of them and leave like a bloody smiley face on the walls with a message like “well hello there” or something. I know that sounds like a crazy theory for Brady to wake up only to punish the doctors but I don’t think it will be only the doctors he punishes. I think he’s also going to be coming after Hodges and in the season finale we will see who lives and who dies in a final showdown if they don’t renew the series that is. But we will see if it is renewed. If the series is renewed they will keep it as the 10 episode run most likely and probably go into how Hodges is dying or something and Brady would probably start his telekineses murdering by that time but we will see!

Next Episode: Mr. Mercedes(S02E09) “Walk Like a Man” airs Wednesday October 17, 2018 at 10/9c on Audience TV