This Is Us (S03E03) “Katie Girls”

Life decisions are made in this episode of This Is Us.

“Katie Girls” is an excellent episode where it dives into life changing decisions and facing the fears of those decisions. From diving back to Rebecca’s past of meeting Alan, the man who came to her door in the last episode. But after thinking that she has a future with Alan, she spots Jack at the store and later visits him at his mother’s friend’s house and does the dishes together.

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Kate, who’s having IVF procedure, worries about what would happen if she doesn’t come out of it. But when she’s under, she meets not only her teenage self, but her preteen self and her dad. After debating, Kate fights back and comes out of her anesthesia. And she gets the best news that they found eight eggs. So the chances of having a baby are really good. But not hoping for Octomom, Toby!

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Kevin’s movie is a hit and made everyone including Randall cry. During an interview with Terry Gross, he gets asked about Jack and his experience in Vietnam. It starts Kevin to hunt for answers and found photos and a name that he calls Mr. Thompson.

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After a week goes by from Randall argued with Kate about passing on a piece of dad to talking to the city councilman Brown about the recreational center. Randall tries to apologies to Kate and flies over there to be with her and Toby. After Kate’s surgery, Randall gets word about Sky getting attacked by the recreational center.  As he came back home, he thinks he’s going to run against Brown. But Beth gives him more news that she got fired from her job.

This was another excellent episode that had many emotional moments whether it’s Kate worrying about the surgery to her talking to her past lives and her dad. Rebecca and Jack had some solid moments; mainly when they are together at the store and talking about their dreams. Kevin and his flashbacks to when Jack yelled at him when he was throwing a toy grenade at a toy store and Jack apologies to him about it. The performances from the cast in this episode was amazing that each and everyone one of them played a equal amount of making this episode special. Even the writing as well was outstanding.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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