Chicago Fire (S07E01) “A Closer Eye”

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I’m back after being gone for awhile. I’m about to drop 3 reviews, back to back to back.

I hope you will enjoy reading them, as much as I did writing them.

Well then, let’s get started shall we.

The episode starts with the members of firehouse 51. They’re all reminiscing, old memories.

Gabby and Matt, are kind of having a long distance relationship. With Dawson working as a paramedic on an island.

Meanwhile Kidd and Severide’s love for each other has grown. Sylvie’s feels sorry for Dawson.

She get’s a new partner, Emily Foster.  Whom mistakes Chief Bowden’s name, at their first meeting.

Chief Bowden tells the members of firehouse 51, about Connie. Who got her master’s degree in counseling. In real life.. The actress sadly passed away. May she rest in peace.

Hermann said something that broke my heart. I quote “I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. None of us did.”

I will miss Connie in the show. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

There’s a call, a guy is injured and stuck under a falling elevator. Matt immediately jumps under the     elevator.

Putting himself in harms way. The guy and Matt get saved. Kelly tells Matt that he has a deathwish. To which Matt get’s speechless.

Chief Bowden’s old candidate, has now become an assistant deputy fire commissioner.

Mr. Annoying, is trying to find dust on Firehouse 51. Anything to get his revenge on chief Bowden.

Hermann, Mouch and Joe watch Odis. While he struggles with playing Chess. Joe messes with Odis, who get’s all frustrated.

Mr. Annoying, is trying to find dust on firehouse 51. He confronts Severide, after Cruz tells him with no bad intentions.

That Severide saved a guy, who was drilling a whole in the ground. The guy accidently drilled through a power cable.

To which the guys suddenly, got engulfed by flames. Mr.Annoying tells Severide that he neglected his training.

Awhile Later Bowden, Kelly and Matt are fishing on Bowden’s fishing boat. Bowden tells them the story behind, Mr.annoying.

Odis finds out, he wasn’t playing against Ramirez. So who’s the mystery person? Bowden get’s a map filled with files, from Odis.

Which he asked him earlier, to bring him. He talks to someone, who will take the files to The mayor. The files show that the current Fire commissioner, was tampering with some numbers.

Emily and Sylvie are trying to help a guy. Who’s eyes is all swollen, if he doesn’t go to the hospital. He might lose his eye.

The guy is wearing an ankle band, Emily decides to perform a small surgery. To get the blood out of the patience eye. She succeeds, and they head to the hospital.

At the hospital, a doctor walks towards Sylvie and says:”Is that Emily Foster? How the mighty have fallen.”

This makes me think, that Emily must have been an amazing surgeon.  Maybe at Chicago med, who knows.

Odis finds out that Kidd has been, the mystery person. He has been playing chess with, for the past months. He asks for a re-match at Molly’s.

Mr.Annoying gives Chief Bowden his files back. He tells him that The Mayor and The fire commissioner, have grown close to each other.

Meanwhile Matt was planning on visiting Dawson at the Island. But when he comes home, she’s also there. With many packed bags, which means that she’s leaving again.

Gabbie tells Matt, that she got a permanent job at the island. She asks Matt to come with her, he declines.

She apologizes, and Matt tells her that he’s proud of her. Gabbie then says:”I never knew someone as good, as you Matt Casey. I never will.”

They then hug each other, and that concludes the premiere of season 7.

I loved every bit of this episode. Except for Mr.Annoying, whom will work permanently at firehouse 51.

Thanks for reading.

Can’t wait for the next  episode.
Enjoyed writing this review.

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