S.W.A.T. (S02E03) – “Fire and Smoke”


Last night we saw the eventual intersection of Deputy DA Nia Well’s (Nikiva Dionne) case and Hondo’s (Shemar Moore) SWAT Team.

Key Witness burned alive

Deputy DA Well’s case rests mostly on the testimony of Andrea. But, it all goes up in flames when the Armenian mob sends a message. Along with burning Andrea alive in her car, the set fire to 2 alternate jurors houses. Soon after apprehending Andrea’s murder, he lawyers up in minutes – which shows he’s part of something bigger. It was all tied to the Head of the Armenian Mob George Terzian, who was protecting Joseph who is on trial for bribery.

After extensive efforts made to protect the jurors and the family, the jury had it’s verdict early. Yet, the entire jury was at an impasse. No one wanted to convict Joseph with a guilty verdict. We soon found out it was because someone left an envelope with a newspaper inside for the jurors, where the headline read “Firebombs Kill Witness, Terrorize 2 Jurors”. The jury was left to afraid to convict. And to make matters worse, Andrea’s now widowed husband, Peter, stormed out of court saying that it was for nothing.

Armenian Vengence

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Doing what they do best, save lives

An anger filled and widowed husband decided to take matters into his own hands. The team tracks him down and realizes that he’s going after Joseph himself, but he gets caught on the perimeter by Armenian guards. George, Joseph and a handful of Armenian mob member stand over Peter, hands tied, mouth duck-taped and lying on tarp, George talks about how they are going to and have to kill him but to make it look like Peter killed himself.  The team arrives in time and takes down the Armenian crew. Later at HQ, Joseph decides to testify against the Armenians.


In other news, the budget cuts seem to have greater implications than they thought. There is now a list of officers across the force who is going to be demoted to patrol, and Tan (David Lim) is on it. Whilst all this, Street (Alex Russel) decides to help out in the Armoury for free – it seems he’s trying to work his way back to S.W.A.T.


Season 2 continues to build on this relationship with Hondo and Wells, even though Wells is still technically married to a US Marshall. Episode 4 will see Hondo and Wells’ husband get into it regarding Wells. Also, we’re seeing Street trying to make real change and win back Hondo’s trust and rejoin S.W.A.T.

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