The Gifted (S02E03) “coMplications”

This week’s episode was both heartbreaking and wonderful. Seeing Reed (Stephen Moyer) come into his powers was great. He had been fighting it for so long that I’m hoping now he’ll embrace them. It was probably some what relieving to have Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) be there for it, at least she has some grasp as to how he’d be feeling. Also having Kate (Amy Acker) being supportive ensures that he won’t further reject his true self. Reed could become a great fighter for The Underground, unless his opponent was Andy (Percy Hynes White). I don’t think Reed could go that far, even if it was to save the world. In a similar predicament is Marcos (Sean Teale) and Lorna (Emma Dumont).

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As we know Lorna had the baby (yay!), but at the end of the last episode we saw that any Dawn is not well. The Inner Circle deduces that because of her special lineage, Dawn requires her father’s light to thrive. This certainly throws a wrench in things for everyone, as no one counted on needing Marcos for anything. Of course the baby’s needs come above all, but the situation becomes as volatile as was expected. After a truly lovely family moment, Marcos resists the Cuckoo’s (Skyler Samuels) escort and starts a fight. While it was short lived, it did cement to Lorna that her paramour is against them. I hope by the end of the season we can have a more permanent family reunion.