The Haunting Of Hill House premieres

The story of a haunted house into that of a haunted family, the Crain’s, one that is viewed through the lens of its many characters during two distinct, terrifying moments in time.

Crain family patriarch and siblings are brought back together following the youngest sister’s suicide.

The oldest Crain child has turned wounds into writing, having become a famous horror author. He made it big with his autobiographical The Haunting of Hill House, a work whose success causes a rift between him and Shirley.

Like her brother, Shirley’s adult life has taken a turn into the macabre, as she runs a funeral home with her husband Kevin .

Theo is the middle child and designated black sheep of the family. Her lifelong practice of building walls to keep herself safe has left her feeling as cold as she did walking the halls of her former home.

As a kid, he saw the world through thick glasses, facing scrutiny for his unbelievable claims. As the years passed, Luke sought out a type of comfort outside of his supposedly imaginary friends: a heroin needle. Now a recovering addict, he struggles with the ghosts that haunt him from both his distant and recent past.

Though she shares a connection with her twin brother Luke, Nell seems to be the most tethered to the events of her childhood. She still recalls memories of seeing the “Bent Neck Lady” throughout the house, and her sleep paralysis has left her mentally unstable.

Hugh enters Hill House a wide-eyed house flipper who never faced a problem he couldn’t fix. As time passed, the elder Crain has pulled himself away from his children and the events that haunt him to this day.

Olivia is the heart of the Crains, Hug’’s partner in crime and an extremely caring mother. As the kids explore both the home and their adolescence, she’s there with a smile and a platitude to assure them everything will be fine. But amid her tension headaches, the architect is always looking to the next thing she needs to do to get her family into their “forever house.”

All episodes available on Netflix.