MacGyver (S03E03) “Bozer + Booze + Back to School”


In this episode of MacGyver, the team finds themselves back in college. They must infiltrate a “secret society” that is using unsuspecting students to become part of a terror plot. No plan can go off without a hitch, but that’s part of the reason people keep coming back to the show. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to get schooled.

While the team is off revisiting their college days, Jack (George Eads) finds himself working with Billy (Lance Gross). Who is in town to see Riley (Tristin Mays) and work a case for the family. The mission? Tracking a “skip” who has eluded capture. Having some free time on his hands, the third wheel finally gets to know Billy. Call it a bonding moment if you like. Jack ends up getting more than he bargained for, but no one can argue about how much Billy cares for Riley.

macgyvers03e0211 - MacGyver (S03E03) “Bozer + Booze + Back to School”
Billy and Jack, “Bonding”. (Photo: Screenshot by the author of review)
Time vs. The Team

On campus, when their research comes up empty, another e-mail is sent out. Time is of the essence and only a mere 24 hours to figure out who is orchestrating these catastrophic events, the team must pull themselves together and work their collective magic. Each skill set will be used in this matter, whether they like it or not. We get to find out a few of Bozer’s (Justin Hires) “hidden” talents.

Luckily the teams cover also comes with an invite to a frat party where the latest e-mail has been sent to. Leading them down a rather bizarre rabbit hole, where the subject seems to be convinced that he is working with the CIA. Although the end result ends up being false, it opens a door to point them in the right direction to solve this time-sensitive case. The clock is always ticking. With the ingenuity and typical out of box thinking that MacGyver (Lucas Till) possesses, they are able to pull another win out of the hat, just barely.

macgyvers03e03 - MacGyver (S03E03) “Bozer + Booze + Back to School”
MacGyver and the weird and wonderful world of science. (Photo: CBS)
Something is coming

The pressure seems to push the team forward, it’s something they live for, even if they cut it to close more often than not. When they are teetering on the edge of losing everything in an instant, it makes them appreciate things even more. They are constantly evolving and changing, just like time itself. With these feel-good moments and victories, we are being lulled into this false sense of security.

Big things are just beyond the horizon, but there are so many more episodes to go. The writers are fantastic at setting up the picturesque scene, only to drop the floor from beneath unsuspecting fans. With other situations hanging in the balance, such as Riley’s open invitation to join The Coltons, there are sure to be challenges ahead.

Bring on the chaos, the team can make it through anything. I hope.

You can catch a new episode of MacGyver, Friday, October 19th on CBS at 8/7c.