Supernatural (S14E01) “Stranger In A Strange Land”

SPN 0006 - Supernatural (S14E01) "Stranger In A Strange Land"


Hello all! Welcome back to the Hunt all my Hunters, Witches, Angels or Demons. I hope this long wait for the new season of Supernatural was well worth it after the 1st episode. Cause for me, I know it will,  Anyways, I’ve decided  I’m just going to do things in parts & not do a audio recording of my review like last season. So, yes my fellow humans, you shall read. Now without further  a due let’s get on with my review.  (See I rhymed, I think.)

(Side Note: I’m on a social media detox so I wasn’t spoiled of anything  but I did see the trailer before starting my social media detox. It’s going quite well by the way.)

My general thoughts after seeing the trailer: Of all the seasons we have seen the boys on there best days & even on there worst. When things look like there going good for them but then all that hard work gets slapped in there faces & they have to start from the beginning. Well after watching this trailer I feel like there hard-work & determination is draining the hell out of them! Sam has the Beard of Desperation or aka “I need to save my brother screw shaving” vibe & then there’s the other part of the trailer where it looks like Angel Dean is having too much fun torturing people! This season can go a lot of different ways, they can save him or they can kill him. An I think killing him will be the hardest damn thing to do…so..attempt to save an capture I guess. (This part is typed before I watched the episode.)

How I’m hoping this episode will go: I hope that the first half of the episode shows how everyone is handling how Dean pretty much got taken over by an Angel. An I’m hoping it shows who decides to stay around an help & who decides to flee and just hide from Dean at all cost. No offense I think he’ll find the one’s he needs one way or another. But I’m really, really, really, really, hoping they have a solid plan….yet I doubt it but I don’t want them to give up. I can’t really think of what else I would want to happen at this moment in time. (This part is also typed before I watched the episode.)

My overall thoughts on the 1st Episode: This episode literally took a different direction then what I thought & I really liked it. So let’s break all this down in my own words. Basically this episode everyone is on high gear with hunting & mainly finding Dean. Cast & Sam are doing all they can but aren’t having much luck. An from what it seems Sam is the boss in the bunker of everyone but I feel like he’s working too many positions at this point. Him trying to find his brother, trying to keep the family he has stable although it’s hard since he’s being called to duty to be the leader of other worldly fighters, be a leader of course, & then not only that but also like two dads to Jack. Since Dean is gone for now & can’t give the tough love or the general kindness that is needed. I’ve also noticed that this is taking a bad toll on Sam not only mentally but truly physically. He’s not eating, he’s not sleeping , & he sure as hell passed up food! What Winchester do you know passes up a nice hot warm meal?! Even Mama Winchester is worried about him but Sam is stubborn has hell when his mind is set. Everyone is truly trying, even Jack who has to learn more physical things since his powers basically went on vacation on him. It’s hard enough on him that he feels useless & Cast feels like he”s probably not helping. After being captured by demons who need a New King of Hell or just want to make deals & just use Cast as bait. Well hopefully they spread Sam’s challenge around that if anyone wants to apply to be the King of Hell they gotta go through him. I did like the fact that they mentioned our beloved Crowley.

Also there are a few other things that caught my attention. Angel Dean really does like to dress dapper but he’s also scary trying to play judgement on people. He wanted to make a better world from what he said but now he feels like no one needs to be saved. Since there is so much bad with the humans, heaven is about to tap out & he finds the fallen angels to be an awful waste since they seem to want to be more “human”. He probably has that thought after meeting Sister Jo, I really forgot about this woman! And was anyone else shocked to see Nick back?! I really thought they would have burned Lucifer’s vessel after stabbing him. An how did he even survive? I hope this gets explained. By the way, did anyone catch that slight Game of Thrones reference? Where in the bar scene the girl was like, “Stab them with the pointy end?”. I just thought..someone likes Arya like I do. Lastly I really hope that Jo gives Sam some solid info on Angel Dean cause there all truly at there limit. 

My thoughts on the preview for next week’s episode: Things went by fast in the preview but from what it seems Sam is taking a lead Jo told him on Angel Dean. And it looks like Angel Dean is experimenting…why? No idea, gotta wait til next week. 

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