Van Helsing(S03E02) “Super Unknown”

Alright guys and gals we once again had another great episode brought to you by Jonathan Scarfe in the director’s and actor’s seat and the series creator himself Neil Labute who wrote the episode! We will get to a great critique with them very soon, but first lets get to the review, which is what you all are here for!

In this episode that had a very horror and gothic vibe to it pretty much the whole time made us remember just how messed up people can be in a post-apocalyptic world, which is something you have to love. Because sometimes in series’s writers or even directors forget sometimes how to keep people interested in the world they created but not Neil Labute. Ever since he brought us all into his world of Van Helsing we all fell in love with the gothic, the horror, and even the post-apocalyptic side of his world that he worked hard to create to show to all of us. It’s a world that we all have fallen in love with and always will, and this episode truly reminds us about how horrifying and and gothic the series can go with the right direction.

This episode took place mainly in an asylum and graveyard and it was actually a really fascinating location, at least it looked like it was. I love the location and it really fit well with this episode. We had psychic kind of vampires, we found out that Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) has almost the exact kind of powers as Vanessa (Kelly Overton), and we had a crazy Doctor, or was he even a doctor? I know they said that he was one of the patients, but you never know Karloff (Brent Strait) could’ve been lying about being a patient; I mean its the apocalypse, people go crazy and insane just living in the worlds that are made as apocalypse, just saying. But I guess we will never know about Karloff cause he bit the head or I mean dust. Now I do like how we had the psychic vampires because it’s different and its things that never really thought that would exist but it’s cool.

I thought it was really interesting that they had one of Vanessa and Scarlett’s relatives way back then, yes people we were introduced to Lillian Van Helsing (Julie Lynn Mortensen) which is interesting to have her be brought into the series and be revealed as kind of an ancestor to the sisters. Lilly Van Helsing was also guarding the Elder Susan’s (Hilary Jardine) totem. Which is really interesting because it makes you wonder, with the name Lilly being connected to that totem and the sword that was stained by the blood of an elder. It makes you wonder if the Dark One really will be Dracula, but we will have to wait and see which is the fun of it because we get to learn more and more.

I also caught how Scarlett said to Vanessa that this isn’t the first time of her being a grave robber; which brings my point again to people, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a spin-off series of Scarlett where we have her full origin leading up to the moments of her meeting Vanessa, but then we would get answers to questions like, who did she grave rob before? And who did she do it for? You know it makes you wonder what else might exist in this world, could a version of Doctor Victor Frankenstein live in this world doing experiments? Could Scarlett have done things for him before the apocalypse came to be? You know these are things that I’m sure a lot of fans of the show would like to have answered wither its on the Van Helsing show in flashbacks, through a limited comic series, or even a spin-off show. But I know if it was a spin-off series the network would need to okay it and make sure it would be okay on their level.

Also, those eyes man, Vanessa’s red and orange tint glowing eyes that lasted for a good couple seconds but still those eyes are always so freaky but beautiful. Is it weird that I think of them as both of those ways. But I think we are going to be seeing a lot of that happening probably soon, I have a feeling every time they find or get close to a elder or a relic of an elder that her eyes are gonna turn that color but I guess we will find out soon.

Now the writing of the episode was really well written, I give Neil Labute props for writing such a phenomenal and memorable episode of the season, it’s an episode that I think we all are going to be wanting to watch over and over again because the first time viewing it you fall in love with it. Then the next times you watch it you have that feeling over and over again and it’s thanks to Neil Labute that he has created through writing an amazing episode that we all will remember in the next 10 or even 30 years from now.

Jonathan Scarfe, he did another great job for directing the episode! He really has a talent in the director’s chair, absolutely! Some of the cinematography was so well directed and you can tell that with a talent like that, that we would want him to return to that director’s chair over and over again. After Scarfe’s directing during last season we were hoping he would return to the director’s chair this season and he did and we are happy that he did. Why? Because like I said he has a talent for directing, but he also has an eye for shots, the director always has a say in how the shot should be shot and where the shot should be shot and a lot of that is thanks to Scarfe for being such a great and talented director. Lets hope they get him back to direct more episodes for either this season or for future seasons!

Next episode: Van Helsing (S03E03) “I Awake” airs Friday October 19, 2018 at 10/9c on Syfy