Chicago PD (S06E03) “Bad Boys”


Well, that was my first thought when seeing the first scene of “Bad Boys.” Upton and Ruzek a couple? That really doesn’t make sense but I guess we can give it a try. I guess it was just more than just beers.

Anyway,  when the intelligence unit gets called when a teenage girl of a wealthy Chicagoan is kidnapped. The father is one of those pain in the ash that will give a cash reward on the whereabouts.

But a suspect’s tip took them to a warehouse where the teenager is found. After she’s at Med, she left pretty quickly, even the father wanted her back home. As they look for the suspect, they didn’t know that the one they let go is involved with her .

They searched for the suspect’s boss, but by the time they get there; their suspect already shot him and escapes. They use the teenager to show up, but it got into a complicated chase where it leads to children in the line of fire but Ruzek takes the shot of killing the suspect.

Voight arrested the teenager, for helping the suspect escape; but Brennan dropped the charges. She got a nice cash fund for her boss that’s running for Mayor.  But Voight got something out of it when he asked Brennan to get Al free from all charges so his wife and daughter could get the benefits, which was in a sense tears of joy.

I thought the episode was a real shocker for mainly Upton and Ruzek hooking up.  I don’t know how long this will go, but maybe Ruzek won’t jump to concussion on asking for marriage. I always thought maybe Upton and Halstead would be the one hooking up. Even the emotional upset moment when she walks away would be the go to moment. But overall, I very much enjoyed the episode as it was a nice story that had a very nice twist.

Overall, I give this episode a 8.8/10.

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