Maniac (S01E09) “Utangatta”

Maniac is all

The world of Maniac is slowly crumbling, and every subject is at risk. Gertie (Sally Field) is completely unhinged and will stop at nothing to retain control in her favour, not only is she a danger to those in the trial, but she’s also a danger to the creators. It is causing a rift that will have disastrous results, the end goal has blinded them to the harm and pain they are trying to alleviate.

Dr Fujita (Sonoya Mizuno) isn’t in control of her “baby” anymore. Gertie has evolved into an entirely different identity, one who is lost and doesn’t know how to process the overwhelming emotions that seem to envelop her. It isn’t easy being human, and she is finding out the hard way. This doesn’t come without hurting or killing others in order to get her point across, the cycle is vicious and unforgiving.

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Dr Fujita struggling to do the right thing. (Photo: Netflix) (Maniac)

While the outside world is imploding, Owen (Jonah Hill) and Annie (Emma Stone) are trapped within another “fantasy” the program has procured for them. The insanity they are forced to endure slowly draws on the truth. They have connected again in the program, but it’s all part of Gertie’s end game. She is the one in control, and they are at the mercy of her whims.

Annie is of clear mind and isn’t ready to give up without a fight. She needs to deal with the past in order to move forward and reclaim herself. Evan is on a mission of his own, he must put an end to Gertie’s reign, or they will all perish in the process. He must save the world, and himself. There is no turning back now, it’s time to say goodbye.

maniacs01e093 - Maniac (S01E09) "Utangatta"
The ultimate sacrifice. (Photo: IMDB)
All good things must come to an end

This series tests the limits of the mind, and show how strong each individual soul is. There is going to be struggle, pain and sadness, but that is life. If these experiences aren’t dealt with, then the demons win. Annie is able to come to terms with the great loss she has experienced, she doesn’t need to forget in order to move on, but she needs to forgive herself.

James (Justin Theroux) makes the ultimate sacrifice, he must destroy his lives work, if only Gertie would let him. She has seized all control, and they have no final recourse. It’s up to Owen now, he is the only one who can level things out. Against all odds, they are able to regain a bit of control and put an end to the chaos Gertie has integrated into the program and the subjects.

The end is near, but no longer in a foreboding way. The subjects are no longer in Gertie’s clutches, but what is next?

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