Young Sheldon (S02E04) “A financial secret and Fish sauce”

While everyone looked forward to having fun during the weekend , our dear Sheldon (Iain Armitage ) was happy because he’d get to do the taxes. Oh well, we are all wired differently. See what I did there?

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At dinner, Sheldon questions his parents to find out why their grocery is up by 12% as  opposed to the usual percentage, it seems mummy dearest is fulfilling her role as the good Samaritan in the series, by giving out groceries to the church.

An element I like about young Sheldon is character development, the consistency each person exhibits their given character traits is just amazing, now back to the episode.  The usual dinner banter commenced between George (Lance Barber) and Meemah (Annie Potts), where she hit him with a low jab of her fat jokes. 

George  says “there is a person at the table that eats for free”, then she replied. “There is a person at this table that eats for three”. Mary mediates the table banter between the two and they continued eating. After dinner  Sheldon also notices a missing check and confronted his father and for the first time ever George asked him to keep a secret, for those who know Sheldon, he definitely cannot keep a secret.

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The secret kept driving Sheldon insane so much that he decided to go for his first sleep over at Tam’s (Ryan Phuong)  all because he didn’t want to slip up to his mother. To  get the secret off his chest Sheldon finds a loophole so he can tell the secret to Tam to be free of his burden,

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the next morning he told his father he never wanted to be put in a position where he’d have to keep a secret again. This Pushes George to tell  Mary the secret.

If you haven’t started the second series of young Sheldon then you are definitely missing out.