The Good Place (S03E04) “Chapter 30: The Snowplow”

With Michael and Janet on Earth, they try to guide Eleanor and the gang to the right path.

“The Snowplow” was another fantastic episode that brought some amazing character development. As Michael and Janet are back to Earth; they try to be Eleanor and the gang’s snowplow that will guide them on the right path. From Eleanor winning $18,000 dollars to Tahani reuniting with an old boyfriend (an unpopular Hemsworth brother); it only makes things slightly better. That’s until Tahani is getting married and moving away and the group is splitting up; which makes Eleanor very unconformable.

Michael give some advice to Eleanor but that really didn’t go the way she and he had hoped for. Eleanor leaves with embarrassment and soon talks with Chidi’s partner about the situation. After coming to terms about what had happen, she apologizes and come to terms that they would see each other once a year.

With everything not going to plan, Michael comes up with another way to get these guys back together, but by the time they go back Eleanor and the gang see them opening the portal door.

I thought that this was another fantastic episode that coming from a person who don’t like change that it hits the nail on the head. It had such strong character developed for Eleanor to come to terms about why she’s acting in the way she is when it comes to having to leave the group that she really enjoys so much.  And not only Kristen Bell’s performance was amazing but Ted Danson and D’Arcy Carden gave such great moments.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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