Fresh Off The Boat (S05E02) “The Hand that Sits the Cradle”

Sometimes the best way to deal with disappointment is to help someone else.

With the free time that Jessica has now, she decides to help Honey and Marvin with their baby. She gives them by given them a zuo yue zi or “Sitting the Month.” Jessica helps with everything while Honey and Marvin don’t do anything but sit and relax, but didn’t know it was going to be for a month.

Honey believes something is up. After Day 3, she learns why Jessica has been acting the way she has been. She learns that Jessica’s books didn’t do so well and comforts her with her southern tradition of drinking sangria.

With Jessica out of the house, Louis tries to bond with Even. From getting their hair done to chasing storms, it gets hard for Louis to fine something they have in common. That is until they can really criticize a movie like Twister.

Eddie and Emery get inspired to start lifting weights from watching “Pumping Iron.” But the two never quite go through it and instead bonds with their dad in getting their hair done.

“The Hand that Sits The Cradle” was a hilarious episode and one that will be in my favorite list. The cast puts on a good performance, mainly Constance Wu, Chelsey Crips and Randall Park but Ray Wise does steal some moments.

Overall, I give this  episode a 9/10.

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