Maniac (S01E10) “Option C”

The subjects of Maniac have awoken from their prolonged slumber, against all odds they are walking, breathing and alive. They must learn how to navigate through the world as “saved” souls, but if only it were that easy.

Dr. Fujita (Sonoya Mizuno) and James (Justin Theroux) must pay the price for their transgressions. It’s a new world, and they must strike out on their own. The program has been shut down and they must deal with the consequences. They were on the path to failure from the very beginning. Misplaced faith in the program and the people who inhibit it, there is more than pain in the world. Love exists as well.

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Time to start over again. (Photo: Netflix)

Now that the trial is over, there is a bring new world ahead of the subjects, but at what cost? Annie (Emma Stone) and Owen (Jonah Hill) have been through so much together, so it’s almost a slap in the face when they part ways. After all that, it’s over. It’s hard to disconnect from the experiences they’ve all shared, but perhaps that is part of the healing.

In their altered states, the rest of the world has remained much of the same. It’s harder to integrate back into “normal” society, especially after the significant changes they have undergone. It seems as though the experiment wasn’t such a failure after all, they have stepped away from it with a deeper understanding. It’s time to question the establishment and everything it has stood for.

Owen cannot escape his past, the present will not let him. Trying to do something good for the family, dredges up his mental health difficulties. Running isn’t an option anymore, the good fight is over. A truth holds power, and has enough intent to destroy a family, but the lie was worse. Finally Owen is free from that burden, and the piece of trash his brother has become.

maniacs01e102 1024x435 - Maniac (S01E10) “Option C”
Life isn’t over. This is just the beginning. (Photo: Netflix)

Annie is using her new lease on life to bridge old gaps and reconnect with her father (Hank Azaria). The confusion is overwhelming, but she is desperate to understand if things have changed for the better. It’s in those moments when she realizes just how much she needs Owen in her life. They have been through hell and back, and that has to mean something. The stars realign in their favour, the universe is exploding just for them.

Owen has been committed by his parents, but that isn’t stopping Annie from seeking him out. He has regressed, because of his family, but it’s not the truth. The only one who can draw him out of himself is Annie. They have been connected on another level, something no one can relate to. Fear is one hell of a motivator, but that is how they know that they’re still alive. Together, they are better and can get through anything.

Onward to Salt Lake City and the rest of their lives.