Chicken Girls (S03E07) “Anything Goes”

it’s another less than 15 minutes of fame, for the Chicken Girls and company  and “Anything Goes!” 

This week we’re in the midst of  a Mononucleosis  epidemic or, “Mono” the kissing disease.  This is probably what Ellie-Brooke had during her throw up last week.  1 mystery solved.  She’s still sick as is most of the school, faculty included. 

The 2nd mystery of  the Tag and “who done it”  is solved by Rooney or actually Stephanie and the flashdrive. Birdie did it. She’s acting out and she’s caught on camera! 

Problems at home is no excuse. Robby’s suspended and she won’t confess. She doesn’t care, confident, Rooney won’t snitch;  cause “Snitches get stitches” Corny!  Oh. And Spike is an accomplice. Of course he is; he’s standing right next to her!

Quinn calls out for Hamilton, in fever; but it’s Rooney. Then Rooney answers the door.  It’s  Hamilton,  bringing  a very sick Quinn soup. With eyebrow raised,  Roon, does the math,  putting 2+2 together. She kicks Hamilton out, with soup in hand and scolds Quinn. Jealous?  Sweet! 

Meanwhile, somewhere in town, Birdie further acts out by getting a tat!  Spike holds her hand. Sweet. Her mom will kill her, but she hates her mom right now and so, she doesn’t care. 

E’Brooke went  home, being unable to cheer. She’s sick.  Robby’s there. Cute moments; before she over hears him asking his mom, can he join her on tour. “Everybody Hates, Raym…er Robby” and he’s had enough. Note: this happened after an almost Robby Ellie’Brooke kiss. Mono stopped them.  Sweet.

Back at the Drama Club, Rhyme is Juliet. Chole still mono-d and she’s the under-study. She almost kissed Romeo-Drake. Mono stopped them. Another sweet! 

But probably the cutest is, Beatrice chose to spend time with her project, Tim. They’re on an almost date, having a real conversation. I think she like’s him, “really, really likes him!”  Sweet! Hella’sweet and cute.

And so, again; the latest in this less than 15 minutes, coming of age episode is about choices, getting close, very close, kissing disease close and “What if?” Romance is in the air.  Sweet. Hella’sweet!

Chicken Girls airs new episodes on Tuesdays at 6p/Pacific Time and 3p/Eastern Time on  Youtube, the Brat channel