Mayans M. C. (S01E06) “Gato/Mis”

  • Episode six gave us a bit more information on Adelita (Carla Baratta) as well as a rat facing the music after being exposed. Coco’s (Richard Cabral) daughter reaches out for help and EZ (JD Pardo) almost pays with his freedom. This was a very hard episode for the Galindos (Danny Pino and Sarah Bolger) who believed they were finally going to be a family again.

Adelita (Rebel Queen)

Adelita opens up to Angel (Clayton Cardenas) after he makes it clear that he needs more information to continue helping the rebels. Things are getting scary with Angel being watched and Galindo now seeing a picture of Adelita. She is tuff, but not bullet proof. I was surprised at the way she handled the mole situation, with him being a child. Kurt Sutter has a good way of making one have  conflicted feelings about his complex characters.

EZ (and his close call)

EZ being the person he is, steps up to help Leticia (Emily Tosta) when she reaches out. I know when EZ tells her that he doesn’t want anything from her, she had never heard that from a man before. This act of kindness almost cost EZ his freedom. He ends up being chased by the police in a stolen car… with a dead body in the truck. Leticia is definitely her father’s daughter. I laughed pretty hard when she said, “my bad”.

Emily and Miguel (So close)

After a phone call from Adelita and a large payment, Miguel is told the location of his son. He is so caught up in the moment of getting his son back that he does not realize there are drugs in the baby blanket. With the look on Miguel’s face, you know people are going to die!  He was played and played well. Emily waits for her husband and son. We do not know their fate yet.

Lincoln Potter ( He’s Back)

I have to say, of all of the characters to show up, Potter (Ray McKinnon) would not have even been on my list. I am terrified to see what he has in store for our M. C.  Nicely played Mr. Sutter!!

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Photo credit : IMDb