The Flash (S05E02) “Blocked”

Okay guys and gals we had another great episode of The Flash, this season is literally looking to be promising in so many ways and it’s not just because of Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) coming from the future, but lets get to the review!

Alright so this episode brought us to how our big bad Cicada (Chris Klein) came to be in the beginning and why he has to use that what I call battle gear when using everything. From what I was able to understand is that Cicada got visions after being struck by lightning which makes him believe that him and Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) are connected which is why he targets all the people that either he saves or sends to jail or in this episode about to. Now sure we don’t know much about Cicada this point in the episodes except for what we saw in this episode. But comics wise there’s so much that happens like Cicada created a cult after the visions and started finding a point to resurrect his wife from the dead but while waiting he had to use his daggers to suck the life force out of everyone to become immortal. Wither they stay true to this in the series we will have to wait and see!

Okay guys so this week’s bad guy to face off against was Block (Erin Cummings) who was a prisoner at Iron Heights until she got her abilities, which we had depressed Cisco (Carlos Valdes) name. Only because she was turning people into meat cubes, which is incredibly gross but yet really weird. From what I was able to understand of her abilities is that she can use her block abilities to create either a force field or a shield or enclose the threat to make sure that nothing happens to her, only thing is shes able to use those powers for a short time period. And you all know that I love comparing our villains with their comic book counterparts so here it is, in the comics Block is actually a australian woman who got touched by the speed force lightning but instead of getting speed like how most people do when getting touched by the lightning, she inherited a power that blocks speedsters, she can use the powers to slow down the speed force in their veins in order to make all speedsters incredibly slow. She could also block speedster’s lightning throws or any speedster ability. She did for a small while become an acolyte to Zoom, which isn’t so awesome but hey you can’t help who you choose to follow am I right?

Now in this episode we saw Cisco, in a literal depressed state, and it’s all because of Gypsy breaking up with him. You would think that Gypsy’s break up wouldn’t have affected him so hard but it did and it made him lack in his abilities to vibe or do anything truly functional in this episode. It wasn’t until Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) had the idea to have Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) use his Ralph like charm to help Cisco heal from his heartbreak. In a very hilarious segment of Ralph using the his so called “Book of Ralph” to help Cisco, he also hired someone to redo or at least try to redo Cisco’s look. The man was even about to mess with the hair, and like I said hilarious segment, Cisco made it very clear, if you mess with the hair your gonna be a dead man. When the man was done with Cisco he felt like he could over look Gypsy’s break up with focusing on Caitlin’s father’s falsified death certificate but Caitlin doesn’t want anything to do with it.

When Cisco confronts Caitlin about why she doesn’t want to find out the truth about her father, she says all the what if’s; but she could’ve been focusing on what it could mean if he is alive, but it’s okay to focus on the what if’s.  After all her father has been gone out of her life for years, and to have him come back after all these years would be either a miracle or a curse, maybe it’s a Snow Curse. See what I did there?

In the final moments of the episode we had Cicada fight Ralph, Cisco, and Barry and we almost had Barry’s death happen if it wasn’t for Nora to come back and stop him. But it’s fair to say that Team Flash isn’t ready for the power of Cicada! But Nora knows something about Cicada and we will have to wait for next week to find out what she knows and we get a new Wells, Sherloque [Sherlock] Wells (Tom Cavanagh).

Next Episode: The Flash(S05E03) “The Death of Vibe” airs Tuesday October 23, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW