Chicago Fire (S07E02) “Going to war” (part 2)

Hii guys,

I had to split the review for this episode in two.

Otherwise It would have been a very long one. Let’s die straight into a new one.

A patient’s body is 80% covered by fireburns. She needs to stay at ICU fr a very long time. AFterwards she will need, physical and mental therapy. Her parents are both devastated.

Odis starts feeling dizzy, and collapses on the hospital floor. Meanwhile Chicago med is flooding with patients. They even go so far, as using the doctor’s lounge and the cafeteria.

Meanwhile Father Halstead, has no pulse. Will starts using a heart shocker.  His father’s pulse is back.       A nurosurgeon says that his father’s brain dead. Jay’s upset, and asks if there is any chance of saving him.

The parents of the girl, who’s body is covered 80% in fireburns. They decide that it’s better to let her go, than to let her live. Since the girl has been struggling, with being bulied and with her body. Her parents withhold treatment.

Kidd’s in a very bad shape. The doctor says that the only way, for her to survive is to remove her entire lung. Kelly loses it all, when he hears this. He demands the doctor, to find another way. Which is sadly not possible.

He then get’s escorted out of the hospital. Since he started shouting bloody murder. Meanwhile a suspicious guy enters the hospital. He starts looking around the hospital, searching for someone or something.

Jay’s still furious at Will. He keeps on reminding him, that while he went partying. He was taking care of their father.  Jay says Will doesn’t have the right, to decide to take their father off the vent.

The parents of the 80% burned girl, both signed the papers. To take her off of oxygen, which will lead to the girl dying. The doctor does just that. Awhile later, the parents see that the girl is still breathing well on her.

The mother realizes that their daughter wants to live. They agree with the doctor, and the girl is taken immediately for surgery. Meanwhile the doctor who’s about to operate on Kidd. Get’s talked to by Herrman.

Who asks him to just give it a chance. To find another way to save her. The doctor does just that, and ends up taken a small part of Kidd’s lung. The surgery is a succes, and everyone’s relieved.

Will’s furious when he discovers that the hospital, only has one day left. So they won’t get into trouble. There wasn’t much explanation. I geuss it will be shown on Chicago Med. His father had an operation 29 days ago.

Will talks to Jay, trying to convince him to take their father of the vent. To which Jay get’s mad, and punches him square in the face. Afterwards Will apologizes, and so d oes Jay. He agrees to taken their father off the vent.

Doctor Charles says that Odis has PTSD. To which Odis says that he can’t be a firefighter, and have PTSD. The doctor asks him again, what he saw when he asked him to close his eyes earlier. Odis tells him, that he saw the mum and child inside the elevator.. burned alive.

Doctor Charles agrees to let Odis get back to work. But he will keep an eye on him. Another doctor asks him, why he did that. To which doctor Charles replies, he can get back to work.. for now.

The doctors find out that, a burn victil wasn’t just burned but also beaten. The girl later dissapears, leaving her room empty.

Kelly get’s to see Stella. He tells her, that he’s glas she’s alright. To which she hugs him tight against her.


This episode has been so intense. Every little part of it.

I always enjoy to watch and write a review, for the One chicago special.

See y’all in the next episode.

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