Chicago Fire (S07E02) “Going to war” (part 1)

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Here’s the review for the second episode. Let’s get straight into it.

Emily’s walking through firehouse 51. She talks to chief Boden. Sees Casey telling Brett, that she has been avoiding him. She then walks away, and stumbles on Kidd and Severide making out.

There’s a new call, there’s a huge tower building fire. Fire is on the 20th floor. Elevatos are stuck at the 18th floor. The firefighters are not allowed to use them. Stairs only, which are direct orders from chief Boden.

Deputy fire comissioner is following chief Boden everywhere. And like in 7×01 another person scoffs when he sees Emily Foster. There must really be something behind all this.

Hermann’s motivating a fellow firemen. Suddenly a huge fire explosion happes, near him. They all try to shut the door, before the fire get’s loose. Jay Halstead’s father is apparently als inside the building. He tells Chief boden, that his father has heart problems.

people are being evacuated, and walked out of the building. Cruz saves a woman and her dog. their names are Chloe and Rizzo. Joe promises that everything will be aright.

Jay’s father isn’t at his own place. Will and Jay are both worried about their father. They find out that their father, is at 25th floor. He went to save his friend, who uses a wheelchair.

The fire is travelling faster than they thought. A mother and her baby, was warned not to use the elevators. Since they can’t be trusted. Once Odis escorts everyone out of the building.

He realizes that ther mother and her baby dissapeared. They find out that she used one of the elevators. Even thought Odis warned her not to use them. Meanwhile Mouch is talking the scared firemen into getting up.

He hasn’t moved, since the fire explosion. Where they all had to shut the door. He get’s up with Mouch’s help. When the elevator where the mother an baby are stuck in, arrives at the ground floor. The doors open, and Odis sees that they both got burned alive.

He’s shocked and devastated. Meanwhile Casey’s at the 25th floor, he saves Jay’s father and his friend. Backup arrives and they all help Casey. The scared firefighter from before, saves the guy in the wheelchair.

Mouch congratulates him, on his first save. The guy’s name is Julio. Inside the building, Severide and Cruz hear a kid shouting. They both go downstairs to save the child. Meanwhile Casey’s outside, the building. He starts coughing alot, and Brett givves him water.

She then asks him, why he let Gabbie go. He tells her that he didn’t want to. That he wanted her to stay, but Gabbie wanted to leave.  Casey then gives Brett a picture. Gabbie wrote on the back of it “I love you partner, and always will.”

There’s still alot of fire, Severide arrives at Josh’s place. He protects the child from the  fire.  Awhile ago Herrman and Kidd were almost out of oxygen. Severide chooses to take the way out. He grabs Josh, and they down through the window.

Meanwhile Kidd is out of oxygen, and is unconsious. They bring her out, and intubate her. They then take her to Chicago Med. All the firemen of firehouse 51 arrive at the hospital. Severide confronts Herrman, and blames him for Kidd.

Herrman then tells him that Kidd wanted to save him. She’s in a bad shape now. Meanwhile Father Halstead, is blaming Jay for making him live in that apartement. There are alot of patients arriving at Chicago Med. 

This was part 1 of the One Chicago episode. 

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