Mr. Mercedes (S02E09) “Walk Like a Man”

Alright guys and gals this episode was really interesting but also revealed to us why we all love this series, because it has us guessing what will happen next! And with this episode we had a great one tonight! With only one episode left in the season, we have to wonder will Audience renew our favorite mystery, horror series or will they call it the end after next episode only way to find out is to keep watching! Now lets get to this review!

So, with Brady (Harry Treadaway) now awake and kicking, we all had to wonder, who was on his number one spot of his kicking the shit out of list. We all thought maybe Lou (Breeda Wool) but nope which is good because I can’t stand to see Lou get hurt. Instead he chose to come to the doctor’s who “fixed him” and the Babineau’s were really surprised to see him walking about. I think Felix (Jack Huston) had a little bit of pride and joy to see his Frankenstein Monster alive and walking and talking just like how he used to. The only thing is the Monster was given empathy and a heart he thought he never had, but something makes us think that Brady is faking most of it especially when he came to turn himself in using ‘The Shinning’ famous line “here’s Johnny” and then made conversations be turned around towards Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) to be investigated upon. Because that is Brady’s true objective is if he gets taken down then he wants to take down Hodges as well.

Now Hodges didn’t really help his case either especially when Detective Marks (Fredrick Lehne) had asked him about everything that had happened within Season 1 and Season 2, and I understand where this detective is coming from but he didn’t need to call Hodges things like a loose end or even a weak link. I mean come on, for all the work that the police did in Season 1, Hodges was the only one who knew that Brady had something to do with the whole evil schemes that happened around town, then in Season 2, Hodges once again was the only one who knew that Brady was the mastermind of all the evil schemes that he was doing and no one believed him, and now because no one believed him he was under questioning and now charged with misdemeanor’s, battery and assault that’s just not right man! How about next time believe what Hodges has to tell you and not just take it lightly.

We also had Finder’s Keepers organization be disbanded for the time being until everything blows over with Brady; it was for the teams protection, and to also give Hodges a peace and mind knowing everyone is safe and nothing bad will happen to them. Especially with Brady being in jail with Hodges, that is until the trial and who knows what will happen in the trial you know. I’m sure they will have Lou (Wool) testify in the trial and she’ll have to testify in how Hodges saved her life after Brady tried killing her with not one but three (I believe) stabs to her. Which no one wants to relive the horrible moment of their life remembering the betrayal of their so called “friend” you know.

I have a feeling that if they do, do another season it will take place probably a few months or so after the trial, which will probably conclude the series, which if it does end with 3 seasons that will be one hell of a great ending and story, but we will see they might choose to extend it even further. Like I said we will see, and with next episode being the season finale I’m hoping we do get it renewed. I have a feeling that if Brady is exonerated from all crimes that he will be sent to either a psych ward eventually or just be seen as a free man but all in good time I suppose!

Next Episode: Mr. Mercedes(S02E10) “Fade to Blue” Season Finale will air Wednesday October 24, 2018 at 10/9c on Audience