This Is Us (S03E04) “Vietnam”

This week’s episode of This Is Us was a for sure a powerful one to remember.

In the beginning of the episode we see Jack finding Nicky at one moment; then we move back from present to past and back to present. We see Jack in charge of an army unit; then it was back to when Jack learns that Nicky was in trouble and decides that he has to go. But we learn a big development  at that point that Jack has a heart condition,; but it didn’t stop him from going to war to protect his brother.

Jumping a few years back to when the draft was being announced and Nicky thin

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ks that they are going to call on him. With Jack giving him hope that they wouldn’t call on his number, they did.  Trying to leave for Canada, Nicky leaves Jack with a message that he must go.

Then we jump back to where Jack and Nicky were less than 10 years old. We see Nicky worried about his glasses busted and how his father would react. Jack gives him courage about he’s superman. Later that night when their father is yelling at their mother, Nicky confronts him to stop and just before their dad moves on Nicky, Jack steps in and he leaves.

Then we jump to when the birth of Nicky and we literally see how Jack’s father was so nice and not much of a dink. But when Jack’s grandfather comes, we kind of see maybe where Jack’s father gets to be the idiot we see later in their life. Whether or not Nicky was going to be born on Oct. 18, he did and the midwife called him lucky.  And we see Jack and his father showing him Nicky and telling him that his only job is to protect him.

“Vietnam” could be one of those episodes that would be remember for a lot of this but just watching how we see Jack have a love and protection for his brother, Nicky. It depicts the Vietnam with not too much but just enough that it didn’t over go over on it. We come to realize that Jack and Nicky are two different kind of people, one who sees the glass full and the other half empty. Michael Angarano’s performance in this episode really set a tone for the character and really on Jack’s character development.

Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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