Chicago Med (S04E04) “Backed Against the Wall”

Sometimes there are things that we don’t want to do, but we have to do them anyway.

“Backed Against the Wall” plays with that motto throughout the episode.  Ethan and McNeal dealing with a lawyer who’s been battling back pain asked for a prescription for pain killers. After learning that she gave a false name, they confront her about it, but she won’t take no for an answer and demands to see their boss, Lanik.

Natalie deals with a mother, who’s diagnosis with primary myelofibrosis (rare blood cancer), needs stem cell donation from a relative. But when her brother won’t help at first because of his illegal immigration status,  he decides to help. But he gets arrested by ICE; thanks to Ethan’s patient who told Lanik and Gwen about it. Natalie and Goodwin weren’t too please and the only thing they could do is give a list of immigration lawyers to help.

The Conner and Ava relationship takes another twisted turn. When Conner is trying to save a young kid’s heart; he needs the bypass machine to do repair a major part of the heart. But Ava advises him to bring the patient up to the OR with the machine ready. But when Conner thinks that he can lead the OR team; think again as Ava fooled him and took over as the lead for Conner’s patient. Mad, Conner understands what she had to do and thinks of bring a bypass machine to his hybrid OR.

Halstead probably balances the motto more in this episode than any other storyline. When he treats a patient, who’s been dealing with symptoms that get worst and worst. With all test showing nothing abnormal, Halstead goes with his diagnosis of tertoma of the ovary. But after diagnosing his patient, Will comes to terms with being a CI for Voight and the intelligence to take down Ray Burke.

This was a very good episode, and at times very intense at times. Probably the only thing that wasn’t too intense was Ethan meeting Emily’s boyfriend and the baby’s father Bernie. Not to mention Ethan working out in the first ten seconds of the episodes looking ripped. Nick Gehlfuss, Torrey DeVitto and Colby Lewis did a solid performances in this episode with Lewis pretty much stealing the episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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