S.W.A.T. (S02E04) – “Saving Face”


A cargo thief

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A jealous ex or a determined Marshall…

US Marshall Wells, Deputy DA Wells soon-to-be ex-husband, enlists the help of Hondo’s squad as back-up to track down Shen Kwon – a fugitive on the Marshall’s Most-Wanted list. Kwon and 4 guys broke into a  box cart and made of roughly $2 million worth of Oxycodone. After escaping Marshall custody in Florida, he’s been making his way across the country and each city he visits drug overdoses spike – he floods the streets with cheap drugs. Hondo has his doubts about working with Marshall Wells because he thinks he is up to something. Alec Chan’s name pops up, a childhood friend of Tan, Tan decides to visit an old family friend, Uncle, to find out more. After some crude remarks about his career choice, Uncle tells them he will let them know if he knows anything.

S.W.A.T. and Marshall Wells raids a warehouse and apprehend Tan’s friend – Alec. Tan brings in Uncle to talk to Alec to get him to open up regarding the string of box cart thefts. Alec tells them about a shipping manager at the ports who sells them a list. After paying the shipping manager a visit, they soon find out Kwon is going after container containing $6 million in pharmaceutical drugs. S.W.A.T. runs a sting operation with Luca driving the truck. Luca is stopped by Kwon and 2 guys. Hondo, Wells and the squad quickly roll up. The team takes down the 2 guys and Hondo and Wells go after Kwon. After a tense scene at a scrapyard, Wells saves Hondo and takes a Kwon out with a danger close shot.

Emotions running wild

US Marshall Wells heads out after completion of the case but runs into Hondo. Just before going out on the sting, Hondo confronted Wells about his true intentions with working with him. After completion, Wells asks Hondo to give him a chance to win her back. But Hondo says that Wells, the soon-to-be ex-husband should’ve come to him like a man and maybe he would’ve. But now, Hondo will only listen to Nia, as it is her choice who she wants to be with.

Also, Street finds 2 bags of his mom’s drugs and moves out immediately. Eventually, he realizes that his mom is bad news and not good for him. Street sees Hondo after the case and tells him everything and apologizes – after Hondo offers him a chance at rejoining S.W.A.T.

Due to the budget cuts, they have to demote 4 member of S.W.A.T. to Patrol. Because of this, they are allowed to bring up one member from the academy. Hondo offers Street the chance to rejoin S.W.A.T. be re-enlisting into the S.W.A.T. Academy and hopefully being picked to re-join S.WA.T.

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