Supernatural (S14E02) “Gods And Monsters”

Okay you guys, I know this is probably the worst way for me to start this review but…..WHAT THE HECK?! I’m so darn utterly confused about this episodes ending! All I could think was, “Wait, what?! Huh?! Slow down…did I miss something?”. I know I can’t be the only one who thought this way as well. Please tell me I’m not alone on this! Well I won’t keep you with my confused rant, let’s get to my review.

How I’m thinking the episode might go: Sam & the gang will take on the lead that Jo gave him. But we all know it’s going to be a trap or a dead end cause Angel Dean might have moved on. I mean come on, Angel Dean is smart as hell! But I really want to know what is he up to with teaming up with creatures of the night? It’s probably apart of his own plan since he feels like normal humans & fallen angels are a waste of space or something. (Typed all this up before watching the episode.)


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My overall thoughts after watching the 2nd Episode: Now to start things off it still pains me to seen the “Then” preview scenes of Dean’s fight with Lucifer & then he wins but get’s fully taken over by Micheal in the end. Like just stop already, we get it, our boy is possessed! So this is where my confusion starts in this episode, when we see Angel Dean draining blood from people tied down & then mixing with angel’s grace? Why? What is this all powerful psycho trying to freaking do?! I really thought I missed something in the previous episode yet I didn’t.  Then we move on to Sam, Mamma Winchester, & Uncle Bobby going out on the lead Jo gave them on Angel Dean. Cast has to stay home & watch after Jack & Nick. Which I’m going to say had some emotional damn moments in my opinion. I had to pause a few times.

I took a pause around when Cast had to bring food to Nick but couldn’t face him at all. For all he could still see was Lucifer & not Nick…the man he was before he became the all mighty evil, Nick is truly messed up in the head for he’s getting scraps of what Lucifer did in his body & he just can’t understand why. But it really got me when he said he couldn’t understand how he could allow Lucifer to possess him. That’s when Cast had to tell him about what happened to his family & that Lucifer came to him when he was most vulnerable. Nick cried when he remembered an boy did it hurt seeing him cry like that. Seeing him realize that his family was dead, actually dead & he wasn’t there to do anything. My favorite line from this scene was:

“That’s not a man, that’s not a man! That’s a monster! An Lucifer found me & made me a monster too.”

The other conversation I enjoyed was Cast’s pep talk to Jack. Since Jack still overall felt useless to the team. But Cast told him of his struggle with not having any of those powers & still being able to be himself. An that is whats most important, having yourself. Another line that was my favorite was:

“As Dean would say, without all the bells & whistles.”

The last two I’ll mention about the bunker is the scare moment I had. No lie, I actually jumped & was about to scream! It was the scene where Cast tried to calm Nick who was frustrated that there was no mention of his family’s death. Cast tried to give a helping had & Nick calmly jumped up with a straight face & snapped his fingers. I jumped y’all! Literally I thought out Cast would be gone & this was the return of Lucifer! But no, it just shows how much damage Lucifer has done to Nick. The man is doing the motions Lucifer would do when killing someone….I’m sorry to say this…but that’s scary as hell to me! The other thing about the bunker was Cast lecturing Jack on going to see Kelly’s parents. Cast was only being overprotective but he can be understanding…I’m just glad the boy got to get some happy moments out of meeting them & seeing some photos of Kelly. But what he said after had me rolling! Jack pretty much said if Dean couldn’t be saved then he has to die! I literally yelled at my laptop when he said that but then he went an added on that, that’s what Dean would have wanted. An no lie, we all no Dean, if push came to shove…..Dean would tell them to kill them both to save everyone.

Back to the lead! So with this the gang is just as confused as me. Why is Angel Dean messing around with vampires?! Not only that Angel Dean is having meetings now with a leader of a werewolf pack?! Plus he mentions there’s a way to increase there strength since he’s improved it. Then it hit me, this guy is literally trying to make hybrids! Think about it, mixing Angel’s grace with another creature & if it all goes well…then boom! An over powered hybrid! I hope I’m right on this one. Anyways, the gang does meet the frantic vampire survivor who tells them where he was staying. That was all a trap though but no one got hurt. Yet, they did notice the werewolves were harder to kill. No silver bullet death anymore? You know experimenting was involved! But here’s the kicker, we got Dean back! But why so soon? Why did Micheal let him go so easily? This man…I swear…has a plan…he’s not done with Dean. Final note, Nick killed the neighbor after violently questioning him about what he saw when his family died. Once I saw the blood on his shirt & him holding the bloody hammer & then it hit the credits. I flipped my laptop & yelled, “WHAT THE HELL?! I’m so damn confused but excited for what’s to come all at the same time. But still, WHAT THE HELL?!”

What I got from the preview: I had a feeling this would happen for they do this all the time when need be. There going to go through Dean’s head! Yassss! Plus we might get to see Judy! I’ll be so happy to see her again.

See you guys next week my Hunters~   🙂

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