Blindspot (S04E02) ‘My Art Project’

In this week’s episode of Blindspot, Zapata finds herself deep inside the rabbit hole and Remi moves forward with her plan against the FBI. Overall it was a fun episode because of a special guest appearance. Let’s get to the review.

Case of The Week 

The episode starts with a flashback from 13 years ago. Two men are seen working on a sculpture. One of them wonders if anyone will know what they did. The other man replies that the right people will. Then he welcomes him to zero division. the camera pans out and we see that they were working on a giant world map. The Flashback ends there.

In present day back at the FBI office. Patterson & Rich discovers that a world mural that is adorning the FBI office wall, bears a resemblance to one of Jane’s tattoos. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the map is made of different materials. Seeing this, Rich suggests to bring in an art expert. Now, guess who?. It’s Boston his ex-boyfriend of course. Boston proves to be really useful. He finds out that sections of the map are made up of magnetic material. When metal chips are thrown on the map. They form small clusters on different sections. These clusters provide them with numerical numbers, which leads them to a web address, which in turn leads them to a physical address.

Jane and Patterson are selected to go to the location. Much to Weller’s dismay. By the way, Weller is back & ready to kick ass again. But Reade is still not okay with him going out into the field. Back to Jane & Patterson, the physical address leads them to a warehouse, where they find a suspicious looking ATM, which greets them helo. Which is creepy. The ATM presents them with a puzzle. But after solving a puzzle Jane & Patterson are gassed.

Jane & Patterson wake up in another warehouse, where a guy named Jason Stack greets them. He claims to work for an off-books arm of the NSA called Zero Division. He spouts some nonsense that it’s a secret inter-agency intel sharing program. It’s clear that whatever garbage he is selling, Jane & Patterson are not buying it. He spouts additional nonsense about stopping a militia attack but for that, he needs them to bring him three files from the FBI. Oh, and also it has to be a secret. they can’t tell anyone. Shocking, I know.

Jane & Patterson returns to the FBI office, but they don’t know where Jason Stack took them, because of being of being blindfolded. The FBI digs deep into him and finds out his real identity. Turns out his real name is Boris Sokoloff & he’s also a Russian spy. He has been playing this con for a long time now to send information back to Russia. Also, his wife made a deal with the CIA, faked her and her daughter’s death & defected to the USA.

The team decides to send Jane and Patterson back with the files to catch Boris. but this time with an antidote, so they won’t pass out when they are gassed. But Remi has her own plans. She switches Patterson’s pills. So she can make a deal with Boris while Patterson is unconscious. Jane makes a deal with Boris that in exchange for CIA black site locations, she’ll give him the locations of his wife and daughter. But before the exchange could be completed, the FBI storms the place & kills Boris.


Last week we established that Jane is not Jane anymore. She is Remi & boy Remi has plans. Big ones. Her first priority is to break Shepherd out of the CIA black site, find the cure for ZIP poisoning & then kill Kurt Weller. Which is heartbreaking for Jeller shippers. Also, the FBI is still looking for the last active sandstorm operative, which is Jane & it’s only a matter of time before they find her. Overall it’s not looking good for Remi.


Meanwhile, Zapata finds herself deep inside the rabbit hole & dancing to Madeline Burke’s tunes. It turns out Madeline just loves poisoning people. She poisoned her own husband because she wanted control of HCI global & it was not going to be possible with her husband being alive. She gives Zapata another assignment which involves extracting a hard drive from Crawford’s lawyer. Zapata successfully extracts the hard drive but Madeline kills her anyway. this clearly rattles Zapata. But while cleaning up she finds a child who possibly witnessed the whole thing. Zapata lets the child go. I think this whole ordeal makes her question her own actions.

Elsewhere, The CIA  & Reade is tracking Zapata. Rich found camera footage of Zapata meeting with Blake. Which does not look good for her. Also, Zapata’s name is found on the plane’s manifest as planned. Reade refuses to believe that Zapata could be dead.


Although fun this week’s episode felt like a bit of a filler to me. The most fun part was Boston. He brought a new dynamic to Patterson & Rich. His and Rich’s banter was quite enjoyable to watch. I would love to see him more on the show.