Chicago fire(S07E03) “thirty percent sleight of hand”

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The episode begins with Kidd, preparing herself to get back to work. Severide starts joking around. Making lack of oxygen jokes.  Meanwhile Foster and Brett are talking about our two lovebirds.

Kidd only get’s to do light work. Which is mostly paper work. Squad 3 get’s a call, a car is toppled over. The father is laying on his stomach, not able to move. His son, is stuck inside the car. His leg is impaled by an iron bar.

Severide rescues the child, and they take father and son to chicago Med.  Kidd’s still doing some work, she brings some papers to Chief Boden. Who needs to sign them all. The latter is annoyed, since he cant seem to make his own decisions.

Mason the child, who’s leg got impaled by an iron bar. His mum arrives at Chicago med. She immediately suspects her husband, of attempting suicide and murder. Since he drove off of a bridge.

Chief Boden is having a conversation with Casey. Suddenly the Deputy fire commisioner enters, and informs them. That he will choose a potential lieutenant. Which he makes clear to chief Boden, that he can do whatever he wants.

Meanwhile Joe get’s visited by Chloe, the girl he saved from the tower building fire. She made him some pops, and is clearly showing interest in Cruz. The latter doesn’t realize that. Odis notices that,, and advices him.

A second call, this time a guy is stuck inside a sarcophagus. He tells  them that he’s a magician. They rescue the guy, and on their way out. Fellow firemen enter the same building. A firemen instructs them to do a once over.

Meanwhile Severide is worried about the attempte suicide/murder case. He discusses it with kidd. At the exact same time, Cruz is asking some advice from Foster. He wants to know if Chloe’s interested in him. Emily gives him some good advice.

While Severide is sitting at the squad table. A guy comes, and introduces himself as Mason’s mum’s lawyer. He stars asking Kelly some questions, while recording everything. Kelly get’s mad, and the guy leaves.

Chief boden is sick of being treated like nothing. He’s tired of not, being able to call the shots in his own firehouse. Herrman gives him some very good, friendly advice. To which Boden thanks him.

At other hand we have Cruz. Who’s at Chloe’s job, the secretary recognizes him. Tells him that Chloe told her all about “the guy with the smile”. Joe invites Chloe to the annual firefighters picnick.

Mouch visits the scared firemen, from the tower building fire. He invites him to the picnick. Meanwhile Kelly and Stella visit Mason at Chicago med. His father talks to Severide. He tells him how much Mason talks about him.

The man starts crying, and telling Kelly. That he saw a deer in front of the car. He the drove off the bridge. He says that he would never hurt his own son. Kelly and Stella then go and check out the place out. Severide is the one who finds a dead deer, in the bushes.

He takes pictures, and shows the pictures the next day to the mother. Who starts crying, and asks herself how she got at this moment. Kelly comforts her, by saying that it’s normal to react like this.

It’s the day of the firefighters annual picnick. Everyone’s having a great time. Chief Boden suddenly does an announcement. He announces that Herrman will be promoted, to lieutenant. Everyone applauds and congratulates him.

Herrman then thanks Boden, and tells him “I give you my word, I won’t let you down.” To which chief Boden replies with ” I know you won’t.” Meanwhile Kelly’s sitting in his car, watching Mason being discharged from the hospital. Having both his parents by his side.

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