Mayans M. C. (S01E07) “Cucaracha/K’uruch”

Episode seven (the best episode so far in my opinion) gave us a few shocking moments. Coco continues to have family issues, but one of those issues is gone by the end of the episode.  We get to know Adelita’s story better and feel her pain. Miguel and Emily are reunited with their son… for a short time.

Adelita and Felipe 

Adelita (Carla Baratta) visits Felipe (Edward James Olmos) for a little chat. Turns out she is the daughter of an old war partner of Felipe’s and she thinks that he gave the Cartel her father’s whereabouts. She could not be more wrong. They do figure out who the traitor is and that secret is even more upsetting than thinking a friend betrayed her father. Her vomiting in the corner is about the reaction I would have had.  Better run Priest!

Coco and his ever present family issues 

I really felt for Coco this episode. He introduced his daughter to the M. C. (The hug that followed melted my heart). Leticia (Emily Tosta) really hates living with grandma, with good reason! After she takes the money that Coco gave Leticia, she tells the poor girl to go out and earn some more money. We aren’t talking about a shift at McDonald’s either folks. Leticia then abuses the toilet with her head to make it look as if grandma beat her half to death. Knowing the lifestyle that Coco has chosen and grandma’s hateful mouth, the reaction that follows isn’t pretty. Let’s just say that grandma will no longer be a problem.

Miguel’s short lived family reunion 

After an intense and interesting meeting with Adelita, Miguel (Danny Pino) is released with his son and the future of the Cartel to think about. Emily (Sarah Bolger) is anxiously waiting at home for word of what’s going on. Miguel walks in with the little guy and there is a beautiful family reunion… for a few hours.  In true Potter (Ray McKinnon) form, an unsettling and surprising arrest goes down.

Only three more episodes left for the season and so many questions!

Mayans M. C. airs Tuesday nights on FX at 9pm Central