The Goldbergs (S06E04) “Hershey Park”

The Goldbergs (S06E04) “Hershey Park”

Adam is excited to go on a school field trip to Hershey Park, until he realizes that his mom wants to chaperone, as she usually does. His friends tell him to just lay down some boundaries with Bev, like they’ve done with their parents. Instead, Adam decides to just lie so he tells Bev that the school trip is canceled. Of course Beverly finds out about Adam’s little scheme and writes him a guilt letter. The letter works and Adam agrees to let her chaperone the field trip. The parents of Adam’s friends are jealous of Bev and also want her skill to make their kids feel guilty. Of course Beverly is happy to help out and so she starts a class on how to write guilt letters. Letters, including a guilt grabber, an emotionally devastating thesis, hurtful specifics and of course the closer, convince all of Adam’s friends to let their parents come on the field trip as well.

When the friends find out their parents all sent them the same letter, they fight back with their own guilt letters. The parents don’t know what to do and have to let the kids go enjoy themselves. However, Bev can’t let go and tries to resolve things with Adam on a roller coaster, in the most hilarious scene of the episode. Of course both freak out and can’t really handle the ride, so nothing’s resolved yet. But in the end, Beverly promises Adam that she will stop writing guilt letters, as long as Adam tells her more about his life.

Meanwhile, Geoff and Barry visit the annual career fair at school. Barry is very interested in everything Geoff’s dad does as an eye doctor. Geoff however, doesn’t really enjoy the ‘eyeball game’, even though his dad really wants him to follow in his footsteps. Instead Geoff decides to help out Murray at the furniture store. He actually gets some solid advice from Murray, who convinces him to do what will make him happy. But when his dad finds out Geoff doesn’t want to be a doctor, he gets Barry to convince his fellow JTP-member to change his mind. But Geoff won’t listen to Barry or anybody else anymore and turns into ‘New Geoff’.

New Geoff gets a little out of control, and he realizes he needs to go back to being old Geoff. But New Geoff was still a success because after Murray talks to Geoff’s dad, Dr. Schwartz starts to believe in his son too and wants to support him in whatever he wants to do…as long as it’s not furniture.

We’re 4 episodes into the new season of The Goldbergs and the episodes just get better and better. Once again this was a very fun episode. Obviously Beverly was back being her old, overbearing, smothering self, after taking a little break from that last week. But it was hilariously done this week, especially when she was teaching the other parents. Seriously though, why does every Goldberg find a way to be able to use that chalkboard they have in the basement?!!

Everything in this episode felt so real and totally like something the real Bev would do (or did) when Adam was younger, and the final scene which included the real Bev and the real guilt letters confirmed that.

Anyway, like I said, my favorite scene in the episode was the one of Adam and Bev in the roller coaster, passing out. I could watch that scene on a loop and I’ll laugh out loud every time.

I really enjoyed the other story this week as well. I thought it was great that it focused on Geoff, and I really loved New Geoff standing up for himself. This plot had a lot of funny bits, like Murray not wanting to be involved, but actually getting involved in the end to hep Geoff out. Another great scene was the one during PE class when the JTP was discussing who had to scoop the scoop balls. Scenes like this are what makes this show so weirdly funny.

A very small but nice part in this episode was that we got to see future doctor Barry in action. I love it that he is following his dream and that he’s actually good at it.

The conclusion of both plots was good as well, in the end you can see that everybody still loves and cares for each other. Like I said, this was another great episode. I can’t wait for the next one!

The Goldbergs will be back next week. Robert Englund will guest star as Freddy Krueger in the show’s annual Halloween episode on Wednesday October 25th at 8/7c on ABC! Unfortunately I will probably not be reviewing this episode (or the next) as I will be on vacation and a Goldnerds trip…