Van Helsing (S03E03) “I Awake”

Okay guys and gals, vampires of all ages, this episode was extra special, why do you ask, because we time traveled through a dream thats why! They always say that dreams are a window into the future or the past, so I can see why they did it in a dream state but it was still cool and extra special! But lets get to this review!!!

So, with this episode we were taken back in time to 1886 or 96 one of those time periods, but it was in Hong Kong, China, which was amazing! To think that vampires were alive back in that time period as well is just amazing! Vanessa (Kelly Overton) was however transported into Lillian’s (Julie Lynn Mortensen) body to relive one of Lillian’s memories when she first came face to face with an elder and had terrible results when she did. But it does explain something that we saw in the last episode, we saw the origin to how Lillian learned all of those vampire hunting fight moves from. And it was from Master Tsui (Lee Shorten) it was really interesting to see that happen!

I also found it really interesting in how much fun that new maid Siobhan (Siobhan Williams) was having when Vanessa and her went to beat up that guard, but over all that maid was having way too much fun with a lot of things. I understand being introduced to the life can be exhilarating but she didn’t have to go all gun hoe and be like “I’m invincible with woman pride now” kind of way, that was a bit way too much. But she was an interesting character, I wonder if civilization ever gets back in order if Vanessa will try finding out what happened to Siobhan? I know wishful thinking, but it would be nice to see if it ever did happen.

When The B`ah (Jennifer Spence) escaped and wished to fight Vanessa in the present is a pretty cool way of throwing a challenge down to Vanessa. And I think Vanessa accepted that challenge and we the viewers are looking forward to that fight too. After all we know where the B’ah might be which is San Fransisco but will she be there? It seems like for all of the elders the Van Helsing’s are going to have to travel like all over the world for these elders. But at least Vanessa did learn a lesson from all of that dream time travel trip, Susan Elder (Hilary Jardine) was looking forward to killing off Vanessa to release itself from the oath, which would’ve worked but you can’t kill Vanessa that easily. Sadly we won’t be seeing Susan Elder anymore, which sucks because I was enjoying having Susan on the show again. It makes me miss Susan even more now!

But what will happen next? I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot of awesome adventures, a lot more blood, a lot more guts, and maybe some heads flying left and right, left and right, left and right! Lets just hope that Vanessa and Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) can both stop the elders before the remaining ones try releasing the Dark One with the last three. And I agree with everyone we need more Van Helsing in our lives; we need like five to eight more seasons of Van Helsing before we are truly satisfied! So Syfy if you read this, you better start renewing a whole lot of times for Van Helsing, otherwise we will look elsewhere for our beloved show, I just hope it doesn’t end so suddenly like how Dominion did, I still feel bad about that one! Until next time my readers!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S03E04) “Rusty Cage” airs Friday October 26, 2018 at 10/9c on Syfy