Chicago Fire (S07e04) “This isn’t charity”

Hii everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I’m a bit late, with this review. But you know how the saying goes. “Better late, than never.”

The episode begins, with Herrman staring at his lieutenant buttons. He still can’t believe, that he became a lieutenant.

Kidd wants Severide, to meet her best friend from high school. Since he’s back in town, for a bit. She says, that he’s basically like a twin to her.

Meanwhile Herrman is giving orders. While Mouch is mocking him. There’s a call, a basement is filled up with smoke.

They find a victim, who lost both his hands from a fire. Casey is sure, that it isn’t because of this fire.

Since the injuries are severe. The victim’s hands are both gone. Herrman and Casey are looking for some traces.

Of what might have started the fire. Herrman finds a ring, Casey immediately recognizes it. It’s from a grenade, and not from a fire extinguisher.

Casey immediately calls for the bomb squad and CPD to come. Meanwhile Herrman is giving orders to Barnes. The latter’s annoyed by this.

Mouch is talking to the ‘scared firefighter’ from the tower building fire. The latter tells Mouch, that he quit the CFD. He gives him a present, he got from his uncle.

Herrman finds it odd that Gorrish isn’t around. Which I completely agree with. Firehouse 51 is a bit too quiet.

Kidd’s best friend, Tyler arrives at firehouse 51. Kelly greets him, and Tyler tells him. That he’s a luck guy, to have Stella as his girlfriend.

This guys obviously likes Stella. Just by this sentence, I am as sure as Severide. Tyler and Stella hug each other.

She then introduces him, to firehouse 51. He then shows them, her pictures from high school.

This guy is clearly still stuck in high school. Drooling all over her. Only Severide sees all this, with an annoyed expression on his face.

There’s a new call for ambulance 61. A gymnastics girl, hurt her shoulder bad. You can practically see her bone.

She’s rushed to the hospital. Foster tells the doctor, to test the girl. Since she might use steroids.

The doctor disagrees, and tells Foster that it’s a too risky thing to do. Foster get’s mad and leaves Chicago med.

Meanwhile Herrman invites Barnes to Molly’s. He even gives him 10% off. He’s clearly doing his best.

It’s lunch time, and everyone’s eating and chatting. Stella and Tyler, are chatting and joking around.

He invites her to his lake house. With other high school friends. She tells Severide later, who tells her that Tyler loves her.

She just looks dumbstruck at him. Kelly tells her, that she can do whatever she wants.

There’s an explosion at the park. Firehouse 51 checks it out, and find out that a grenade was the cause of this explosion.

The CPD arrive at the firehouse, and will start an investigation. Which the bomb squad will take part of.

Apparently the grenades belong to an elder lady’s deceased husband. She brings them to firehouse 51, herself.

Severide clears the floor, and takes the grenades to a safe place. Until the bomb squad and CPD arrive.

A bit later, Herrman finds his Lieutenant buttons in the urinal. Barnes is the one who did it.

Herrman is fed up with this. He go’s to chief Boden for some good advice. Who tells him to trust his gut.

Which Herrman exactly does. He transfers Barnes out of firehouse 51. Cause one rotten apple, can ruin everything.

Meanwhile Foster has been doing a lot of research, on the steroids matter.  She wants to help the gymnastics girl.

Brett and Foster go to confront the gymnastics coach. Seems like he was the one, who drugged the little gymnastics girl, with steroids.

The police comes, and arrest him. Meanwhile the firemen at  firehouse 51, are giving out flyers.

In search for the boy, who bought a grenade. The ones the grandma brought to firehouse 51.

She sold them at a garage sale. While Casey’s hanging up some flyers. A young boy informs him, about where the grenade is.

Casey runs towards the garden, where some teenagers are filming a movie. A boy is holding the grenade.

Matt tells him that it’s real. Everything happens so fast. The boy hands Casey, the grenade. 

Casey shouts for everyone to duck. He then throws the grenade far away. It explodes, but no one get’s hurt.

Awhile later, Herrman tells Mouch that Gorrish might choose a new firefighters. To which Mouch says, that he can recommend someone.

Tyler comes back to firehouse 51. Kelly tells him that Stella left earlier. Tyler then confronts Kelly, telling him that even if he leaves town.

He will always have a place in Stella’s heart. Kelly looks annoyed. Later that day, Stella and Kelly are having date night at Molly’s.

When Kelly go’s to get them, some drinks. Stella checks her phone, to find a picture send by Tyler.

Him and their highschool friends at the lake house. I’m sure she wishes to be there.

Mouch introduces the ‘scared firefighter’ to Herrman. The guy agrees to be a firefighter, at firehouse 51.

He then tells Mouch, that he will make him proud. I just love how Mouch, is giving so much great advice.

This episode was amazing. I loved every part of it.

See you all in next week’s episode.

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