Fresh Off The Boat (S05E03) “Workin the ‘Ween”

It’s another Halloween episode, will Fresh Off the Boat top it off this season? Here’s a recap!

“Workin the ‘Ween” is basically what the episode stands for, the Huangs working on Halloween one way or another.  Louis was hoping for him and Jessica to go out on Halloween but instead she accepted Honey and Marvin’s request to babysit their daughter, Maria. Kind of devastated, Louis makes the best of it and dresses up while babysitting from Mario to Sylvester the cat.

Honey gave Jessica a list to follow to work with the baby, but Jessica and Louis believes they know how to parent a baby; but it turns out they are totally wrong. They come clean about their past parenting with Eddie and Emery with their pacifier. Jessica thought Eddie was weened off of it. But Louis confronts that it was he that gave him the pacifier back and weened him off a few months later.  And it was the complete opposite for Emery as Jessica paid her mother. But Evan didn’t need any help as he’s was the perfect child.

But after they couldn’t get the Maria to calm down; they dressed up like Honey and Marvin as soon as Honey and Marvin got back from their date. Jessica apologizes for what had happen, but Honey was okay with it and didn’t revoke Louis and Jessica’s godparent status.

Meanwhile, Eddie is working at a mattress store with his boss (George Wendt). He works on Halloween and his friend Trent comes over that night, basically scared to go to the cemetery alone. And with Louis and Jessica babysitting, Emery and Evan handle the trick or treaters at home as Mulder and Scully. They come upon a girl who’s trying to take more than one candy.  When the fourth time came, Evan had had it and slap Emery to sense and denied the girl: but turns out that she was one of quadruplets and got the house all egged up.

Screen Shot 2018 10 03 at 11.56.18 AM  300x169 - Fresh Off The Boat (S05E03) "Workin the 'Ween"

This was a very funny episode that had some hilarious moments and some that didn’t quite work out. The ones that did were Jessica and Louis babysitting. It was a real strong character development for their characters I thought. Also Emery and Evan as Mulder and Scully was funny watching them debating one another about this tick or treater that keeps coming for more candy. Perfect choice for a show that was so popular at that time. 

I really didn’t care for Eddie and Trent’s storyline as it was okay. It did show some of those elements of past Halloween movies of being scared and that was coming from Trent. It just didn’t work out for me.

Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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