Young Sheldon (S02E05) “A Research Study And Czechoslovakian Wedding Pastries”

I am glad that the second season of Young Sheldon is  showing us the early life of Sheldon cooper from Big bang theory. Every episode highlights and dissects his behaviors and the experiences that leads to the mannerisms he has has in Big bang theory. Lets not dwell on big bang theory, possible spoilers ahead.


Dr Sturgis (Wallace Shawn)  recommends Sheldon ( Iain Armitage) and Missy (Raegan Revord) for a research , at first George (Lance Barber) was reluctant to let them go, well until Dr Sturgis informed him of the financial benefits involved.

research project young sheldon - Young Sheldon (S02E05) "A Research Study And Czechoslovakian Wedding Pastries"

Initially when Sheldon learnt about the test , he assumed it was to find out why he is a genius and his sister is just average. Not until they started asking him questions that didn’t test his IQ in any way but his EQ.  Missy on the other hand was just there to have fun, during her test she revealed that her perceptiveness can be credited to neglect.

”My dad does football with my older brother, so they’re like a team. And my mom and meemaw spend all their time fussing over Sheldon, so they’re like a team, too. So no one’s on your team? Nope. It’s just me.” 

This episode touched a crucial part in Sheldon’s adult life, which is his lack of empathy.

landscape 1506385491 sheldon4 - Young Sheldon (S02E05) "A Research Study And Czechoslovakian Wedding Pastries"

What if there is a personalized episode for George and Missy which shows their day to day escapades, that would be a delight to watch right?