Supergirl (S04E02) “Fallout”

Okay guys and gals, we literally had a great episode this time around and it brought something up that I think is important to bring up as well, but I will get to that in a little bit. But lets get to this review first, that’s the important thing after all!

So in this episode we saw the fallout that was brought to the world after President Marsdin (Lynda Carter) was released in the news as being an alien! Which the world really didn’t react so well; it’s like the world feels betrayed that the United States was being run by an alien when it’s been protected by one for years before Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) because we all can’t forget about Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) he was saving the planet first and then came Supergirl to help out. But all because one president was revealed to be an alien all hell breaks loose, the whole world goes batty. I mean so many people went from “We accept the aliens, we love the aliens, we are okay with them being on Earth” to being like “all aliens must die” it’s like geez people calm down, its not like it’s invasion of the body snatchers, they are not there to snatch you and take your place, even if it seems like that way with their jobs.

We see how humanity really does feel about the civil alien rights act and it wasn’t so great; I feel like a lot of the people wont be able to handle a lot of this and there will probably be more people who act out, especially if they join in on Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) crusade to rid the world of the alien scum. I mean it really goes into though what kinda happens in our world today, just being with aliens instead of other ethnicity and races, you know it’s like there is quite a huge connection in there with equality. And I think it’s important that this series did touch on that, because no matter how much we all deny it, equality in our world today is not fully and hell it probably wont be fully done because you’ll always have people out there that will screw it up, wither its a president or an activist or anything, there will always be someone who goes to cut the equality and bring us humans down to how we once were, hating each race, hating ourselves, hating the entire world all because of one person’s stupidity.

Now I found Nia (Nicole Maines) really brave and really courageous and determined in this episode. Like sure she shot up from sleeping at her computer like a squirrel needing coffee in the morning but afterwards she did something that no one would ever do and that is being the better person by defending Brainy (Jesse Rath) at the pizzeria and creating a soon to be friendship with Brainy. And to be even stronger she goes to say how she’s going to report to James (Mehcad Brooks) about the actions that happened there. She even shared a major personal info that we the viewers already knew but James, Kara, and everyone else doesn’t know is that Nia is a transgender woman and it went so well with this episode especially with the story she shard which was almost like similar to Brainy’s but just a little different and it’s amazing. Because we see that Nia can relate to how all of these aliens are being treated now and just that itself is amazing and really awesome. We even saw earlier in the episode how Nia wanted to go into deep detail about it’s not right about how they are treating the way about the president being an alien subject but James didn’t really want it to be pursued at the time.

We even see how the incident made Brainy feel afterwards too and it made him even not think well. He couldn’t even do his job right because his brain was trying so hard to figure out why those people at the pizzeria were like that towards him and it scared him to know that people were angry because he was an alien. And I think it was that little chat that Brainy had with Alex (Chyler Leigh) that made Jensen (Anthony Koechny) go to the dark side and join with the rebellion siblings Mercy (Rhona Mitra) and Ottis Graves (Robert Baker) which really sucks that Alex isn’t going to be able to trust Jensen anymore. I’m really curious to see what will happen next and to what the next topic that they might bring to the table in this season. At the end of the episode we saw Kara get infected with a cloud of kryptonite which might explain why she has to wear the new space looking suit in future episodes especially if the kryptonite stays in the air for an amount of years like she would have one of two options leave the planet which would end the series or wear a space suit. So I guess we will see soon enough peoples!

Next Episode: Supergirl(S04E03) “Man of Steel” airs Sunday October 28, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW